Ideapad 720s 15 IKB Static audio

I have a brand new 720s that is awesome in every way…except the audio. It is fine when on battery but I get a background static or faint electronic buzzing sound when connected to power. I don’t get this at all when running on battery, though the Realtek audio could be better. But the instant I connect it to the power I get the static. It is not terribly noticable when listening to something at high levels but it is annoying if charging while going to sleep to something (or if you just need a charge while listening to something).


I have tried new and old drivers, disabling the Nvidia card, changing power schemes, every sound setting, different wall sockets (both grounded and not) and nothing stops the static when I charge.  Any idea from anyone, or Lenovo, if this is something known to occur, or something I just have to live with or is this a defect and something I should return the laptop for? 

X240 compatible with USB Display?

I have recently purchased a ASUS Zenscreen MB16AC to use with my Lenovo X240. Unfortunately whenever i plug it in using the USB port I receive an error sign saying it is not compatible and my device does not support DP Alt mode and i need to download the correct drivers from the site.


I have visited the ASUS website and downloaded the recommended drivers but still receive the same error message. I am starting to wonder if the X240 even has the capabalities to use USB display – can anyone confirm if that is the case – and if it can, can you recommend what i would need to get the display to show?



Yoga 15 Not booting after lenovo update

I did do an update from the lenovo update Tool.  Since that it doesn’t boot anymore.  It is stopping in some BIOS window showing the ssd but Nothing else. 

How can I recover again? 

Thanks jimbeam

Optical port

I have plugged into the optical port on my Lenovo desktop and the other end into my soundbar. However, I am unable to get any sound from the soundbar. Using the auxil port of the Lenovo and the red and white inputs in my soundbar I do get normal (stereo) sound but this cannot be a permanent solution for me as I need the red and white ports for my TV.


What do I do in settings to make the optical port work? At the moment it’s showing Realtek HD Audio as the connection.

Optical port

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