IDEA PAD FLEX15 Unable to reduce sound

I am unable to regulate the sound on the laptop..if i try to reduce the sound on the speaker, it automatically goes back to 100%..i have even tried to reinstall driver..nothing works..any ideas on how to solve it?tx!!

Windows Server 2019 ROK

Does anyone know when the Lenovo ROK for Windows Server 2019 will be in DCSC?

T450 – Fingerprint Sensor – Device Disconnected Error 45

After a bios update that happened on 04 Oct 2018, the fingerprint sensor stopped working. And when I checked the device manager it says, "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)". Any idea how to fix this?

Re: Lenovo K8 Plus Oreo Update sep 5

I m not writing a review..its a complaint regarding September patch 

After installing sep security pathch my device is continuously restarting since 5 hours. 

I m writing this review from another device. Whenever i try to enable safe mode or factory reset it didn’t work. it didn’t even starts properly.

Device stuck at the logo of Lenovo and Display starts to blink there. It doesn’t even going to switch off mode neither getting on…pls help me with the this problem..


I m a student and i bought this phone after a year of saving..pls provide any solution

IdeaPad z580 Problems with adjusting the brightness of Win7 x64

After updating the BIOS to the last (for correct operation with 16 Gb of RAM). There were problems with the fan speed control button, and the brightness setting.

Button still open app but not adjust speed.
The brightness is set by FN + up / down normally, however the display of the brightness status bar does not occur correctly.

Full fill of status bar corresponds to 20% of brightness. photo attached.


I updated all the drivers,
Changed the registry
Visited a bunch of forums,
I did not find a solution for Vin7 x64!

Can you help me?

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