How to move apps to microSD card?

I’m unavailable to move my app to SD card. How could I do this?

18.5 GB of MTKlog-Mobile log

Hello Experts,


Please need your valuable input on the MTKlog.

I am using Lenovo K8 Plus since 8 months and internal space MTKlog has consumed around 18.5GB. 

Attached screenshot for reference.

Can we delete few earlier log files so that we can get atleast 5 GB of space ?

Please suggest.



Sandeep K

P92 Lenovo Recovery drive out of space for Windows 10 Upgrade


   I am trying to upgrade the Windows 10 on my P92T.  The Lenovo Recovery Drive (Q) is out of space.  How can I expand this drive from 14G to 30g.  I have 300g of free space on C


   OR – Can you run the Windows 10 upgrade from a USB drive?

help me

bu sorunu nasıl çözeim yardımcı olurmusunuz güncelleme sonrası böyle oldu ne yapacağımı bilemiyorum


Translation: how can i solve this problem, i do not know what to do after updating


Go to


Administrator: translated fro TR to EN

IdeaPad y510p: graphics Card No longer detected

First off I have an ideapad y510p with a Gt755m, So a little while ago i got a BSOD with the code driver power state failure after updating the driver and the laptop would constantly restart only to get the same error code over and over and I was unable to launch safemode, Going into the bios i was able to convert the graphics settings from discreate to UMA and this switched to the intel graphics allowing me to access windows and activate safe mode. Long story short I tried several different methods to fix the problems but the error code kept arising so i finally settled to uninstalling the device and its drivers and restarted the laptop. Now the graphics card won’t even be detected and I can’t install any drivers because the software says no compatible hardware is detected. Im just curious but does anyone have any solutions or ideas? Or is the GPU just dead?


*Note – I also forgot to mention I did change the BIOS option from UMA back to discrete

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