Fan replacement on Lenovo H50 / 90BG model

Fan replacement on Lenovo H50  / 90BG model


There is only one fan in this machine. The first one died after a year or so. This second fan is now grinding upon startup and not running properly (after a cleaning etc.).


I want to replace this fan but it has an unusual four-pin connector that plugs into the motherboard, where it says CPU Fan. The first time I replaced this fan, my local computer shop had to special order it because of this unusual connector. The four pins that it fits onto are about the diameter of pencil lead — very skinny. It took about 6 weeks for the replacement fan to come from China.


Can someone tell me the name or type of fan connector that Lenovo uses for this fan? I’d like to see if one is available to order online and hopefully have a faster delivery time. I know there are other four-pin connectors, but this one seems to be uncommon.


Thanks for any assistance.



T730 Shipping Delay

I order my T730 with RTX-2080 over 3 months ago (July 1st, 2019) and nothing yet. Is this the current standard delay for shipping? Some of the components that came with the one I ordered are already obsolete with the model currently listed for sale. Contacted support but no solid answer besides they’ll look into it each time I ask. Not sure if it’s just me or everyone is having the same issue. Thanks.

Unable to delete or modify vlan interface on one of our Pureflex switches



I’m not able to delete or modify any of the vlan interfaces created on one of our Pureflex Switches, 


For example when I did the no interface ip 117 or no interface ip 128  I get the same error, 



ERROR : IP interface 37 has an inexistant VLAN 37.


The Configuration of this vlan is :

vlan 37

name PROD


spanning-tree 37 vlan 37

interface ip 37
vlan 37
ip add


Can you help me to resolve this Issue, 


Best regards,


T440p Fingerprint Reader Install?

Can a fingerprint reader be added to a T440p that did not come with one? I can get a palmrest with fingerprint reader but will it connect up and work? Is there a jack/port to plug in the fingerprint reader if the notebook didn’t come with one? Thank you

X1 Tablet 3rd Gen Keyboard Touchpad Issues

Hey All!


I recently purchased an X1 Tablet 3rd Gen (screen protector is on its way hah). Really enjoying it so far. 99% of the time I use it with a usb mouse and keyboard. But when I use it with the keyboard the teblet gets shipped with, I am noticing Touchpad issues where it doesn’t sense my finger and then it kicks in. So I touch the touch pad and it doesn’t recognize it, then I lift my finger and retouch it and then it starts to work. All of the Drivers are up to date in Vantage and I beleive I did a reinstall of the touchpad driver properly, but the same issues is still happening. I have also adjusting touchpad sensitivity in windows settings and the issue is still there.


It is well within my replacement/return window still, I am seeing this same touchpad issue on 2 machines now. So it really seems like a driver issue, not a hardware one.


Have any other owners noticed this at all? Any potential fixes that anyone can offer? Really liking the overall device usage and what it brings, hoping I can sort this out or would just probably end up returning. Thank you in advance!



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