Disabling USB in UEFI in TS150

I’d like to know if is possible disable USB ports in Setup Utility (devices) in Server TS150.



Pre-Approve Thunderbolt 3 Devices?

I’m looking for a way to turn off the approval notice when connecting new Thunderbolt 3 devices to Windows 10 machines. We are currently testing Thinkpads (T480s) with Thunderbolt 3. When connecting the Lenovo TB3 dock for the first time, the Thunderbolt software requires approval for the device on initial connection. Most of our users do not have local admin credentials so my team has to setup each TB3 dock with our Active Directory local admin accounts. This appear to happen for each TB3 port, not just the laptop in general.


Here is what we’ve found out so far. We are aware that the BIOS has an option to change the TB3 security level from "User Authentication" to "No Security". If you select "No Security", then connecting a new TB3 dock is possible without local admin rights. But, the Thunderbolt software will popup a message "Device was approved during boot, but is not part of the current approved devices list." You can tell Windows to stop the notification, but we want to just be able to pre-approve TB3 devices without any notifications. We believe the "No Security" option is actually for using TB3 devices during pre-boot (Example: PXE booting). Although, the T480s also has a BIOS option for TB3 support during pre-boot. Yes, seems redundant.


In the past, one of our remote users could just dock to a standard docking station at a guest cube and off they went. With this setup of the T480s and TB3 dock, we can’t do that right now. Although, we also are testing the Lenovo Ultra dock and it uses the TB3 port on the T480s. It appears the Ultra dock uses Alt-Mode and not TB3 for external devices.



Is there a way to get around the UAC for approving a new TB3 device without changing the BIOS setting to "No Security"?

       2. Is there a setting in the Thunderbolt software to ungray the approval options for TB3 devices without needing UAC?

y720 swap FHD screen to 4k possible?

Could i go to a lenovo shop and ask them to replace the 1080p screen on my y720 laptop to the panel that’s used on the 4k model? i’d be willing to pay for it of course.

How long should it take to replace laptop hinge?

First of all, why do the hinges on theT460’s break when the laptop drops lightly on to the desk? They seem very weak.


Second, should it take Lenovo 4 weeks to make the repair? That seems like on unreasonably long time. After being asked to pay for the reparis in advance, we were told, after making multiple calls to the depot in Tenn., that the parts are on back-order and it will take another week to get my laptop back to me. They’ve had the laptop for over a week now and I’m just finding out about this. And that doen’t include the extra week it took for them to send us box so it could be sent to the depot. This whole customer experience has been very bad. 


So, my primary question is, can anyone recomend a third party repair service so that I never have to go back to Lenovo?






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help,about the Y530 caps and numpad

How to turn off the caps lock and numlock indicator?And how to enble the numpad?i cant use it during the game while setting the key binding

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