Carbon X1 (6th gen) — charging the laptop w/ a hub?

Might be a dumb question, but would appreciate any insight.  I was hoping to find a small USB-C hub that would allow me to charge my thinkpad — using the Carbon XI charger — while also using another Thunderbolt USB-C device.


Is this possible?   Or is a full-on dock required to charge and use the USB-C connection at the same time? 



Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed

I agree! Lenovo is the ABSOLUTE WORST company ever!!! WARNING for anyone considering buying a Lenovo product: RUN! Do NOR waste your money on their useless garbage-like products! Save your money, time, and energy!!! Please – this is coming from someone who has learned this lesson the hard way. The Yoga 920 laptop is spent $1200 on is the only purchase in my life that I have REGRETTED as much. The laptop keeps crashing and gives me an error screen called Boot Device Missing. Turns out many Lenovo users have faced the same issue. It’s clearly a hardware issue. I sent my laptop back into their repair center. It looks like they just did a factory reset and sent the laptop back to me rather than fixing the problem. Hasn’t even been a month since I got the laptop back from the repair center and already facing the same issue again. It hasn’t even been 6 months since I first purchased the laptop. I really feel like I flushed $1200 of my hard earned money down the drain. For all shoppers considering laptops – look elsewhere! My friend who got an HP Spectre around the same time that I got this useless yoga 920 laptop, is loving his product! He’s had no issues with it. Meanwhile, here I am stuck with Lenovo, their faulty product, and their worse customer service…



Admin note; subject edited for relevancy

Lenovo L480 working on full frequency when using Word, surfing internet etc.

Hi, I and my collegues in work have problem with Lenovo L480. Notebook still work on high frequency (3400MHz) when in idle or in apps like Word, Excel etc. What is interesting in all notebooks we have when we open Task Manager frequency goes to normal level (800-1200MHz) and everythins is fine, but after reboot problem returns.


Bios newest, all drivers newest. What’s wrong with those notebooks?

Help needed ! Lenovo Yoga 530

Hi everyone !

I did bought my Lenovo Yoga 530 the last week, and since I started it I always have battery-related problems.

I’m a student and I did buy it to be able to take notes, to draw… But my Yoga is far away from the autonomy it is sold for. Instead of 8 hours, I’m reduced to 2h30, the most is 3h45. 

I’ve shutted down all the back-functioning applications, put a dark theme, reduce the light to minimum, put Yoga in economy mode all the time, change the standby time to start quickly.. I’ve applied all the advices given by the support but I’ve never found his real capacity. It’s a new laptop, I didn’t know what to do more.

I will try to contact the support for more informations, but if anybody has informations, I will really be thankful.

Lenovo M700 tiny Security chip

I have 1500+ M700 tiny’s. Out of the box the desktop tech’s manually set the security chip to disabled. I am in need of a method to change this setting to active without physically touching each machine. I have tried the ThinkBiosConfig tool and PowerShell with no success. Can this be done? 

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