Can Yoga 520 extend to monitor by using USB3. to HDMI Display Adapter?

Can Yoga 520 extending to monitor by using USB3. to HDMI Display Adapter like this one ?

Because I currently used HDMI port to extend the monitor, but I would like to extend to one more monitor. 



Ideapad Z400 Replacing ODD to a SSD – Windows key

Hi all

I have an Ideapad Z400 touchscreen and I am thinking in replacing my ODD to a SSD 

So the objective is to use the SSD to boot and aplication and the HDD as a 2nd HD for documents and general data

I know I will need to use a Caddy adaptor

2 questions:

1 -Is the Samsung Ssd 500gb Samsung 850 Evo Mz-75e500 compatible?

2- Once installed if I use a 3rd party program to clone the HD , will windows be activated? I mean, will I still have a valid windows key?


I am aware I might ot be able to use the recovery tool

thank you

Tab 4 8" brand new battery %

Hi I just got a TB-8504 unboxed it brand new and noticed the battery level was 0%
I thought they generally ship all devices with 40-70% battery as it’s healther for them this way.

can anyone confirm?

ideapad 320-15ikb wont boot up

hi, my lenovo ideapad 320-15IKB is just 2-week old only,,, this afternoon, i set it to sleep mode, after 30 mins, i tried to use it but the laptop wont start so i just re-boot it using force shutdown,,, when i restart it, it was stuck up to lenovo logo and the white dotted circle continuously revolving,,, after 5 mins i turned it off again because it still did not boot up to windows,,, now, my laptop dont boot up and when i check the BIOS, the hard drive was not detected or can not be detected, i already tried resetting it using the novo button but the problem still not fix,,, can anyone help me? thank u

Not Abe to connect my k8 note to my laptop via mobile hotspot

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