AHCI not activated on C30 Thinkstation

Hello Everybody,

I have installed a samsung 860 EVO 512GB on the mSATA slot of my thinkstation C30 (1136). It is the only hard drive in the machine.

I flahed the C30 bios with the last version (boot A366A – 06/18/2019). Always in the bios, verified that under "Advanced" –> "Sata Mode" the option was "AHCI Mode".

Then I installed windows 10 on it and made the update (v.1903). Then I installed and updated the drivers with Lenovo system update and with the Intel utilities. I also scanned my machine on the Lenovo site and updated everything to be sure that everything was OK and it seems it is. However I can not solve this problem : AHCI driver does not appear in IDE ATA/ATAPI controller (peripheral/device manager). It always shows "IDE standard controller double PCI channel". And the "Samsung Magician software" also indicates that AHCI is not activated for the SSD.

I have searched for 2 days on the Internet a solution for this problem but did not find the solution, even with drivers changes done in safe mode or in modifyng the register base.

I also found this page on Lenovo website to install Intel SATA AHCI Controller Driver for Windows 10 :


But installation fails at the end of the process and I don’tknow why ?

I have the logs of the installation error but can not understand the meaning of a single line ! (shame on me)

So I really wonder now if it is possible to make a Lenovo C30 run in AHCI mode and if yes, what is the procedure to follow ?? Every help from your own experience with this issue welcome. Thank-you !


On a Y540 can the 144hz display be toggled to 60hz?

On the verge of buying a Y540.   I’d prefer to have the 144hz option when gaming but when I’m not gaming I’d rather have the more battery efficiency of a 60hz panel.   Is there a software option to set the monitor to 60hz when not gaming?   I dont have a 144hz panel anywhere so not sure if this is just a windows setting or even possible.



G580 cannot charge

Hi All,


I have a problem with my old G580 bought in 2013, sometimes the machine is not able to charge the battery ( I also bought a new one), it show the remaining capacity (10%, 8% and so on…) and suggest to switch to AC power.

If I remove the battery the system works fine with AC power, so I presume that the plug-in port is OK, the connector and the cord too.


May be an hardward issue on the motherboard can cause this issue?


Thanks a lot to everybody



P73 Touchpad sensitivity inconsistent



I posted in a topic I found that was similar last week for the P52’s but was asked to create a new topic specific to the P73.


The sensitivity for the touchpad on my P73 model 20QRS00200 with driver version and date of 11/13/2018 is alternating between "normal" sensitivity, defined as: the cursor speed is consistent and responsive to movement and does not move on its own, and LAG MODE where the cursor is delayed ~150ms behind with finger movement and continues moving after the finger stops. In lag mode draging your finger across the touchpad moves the cursor significantly slower/shorter distance than in normal mode.


Given how similar this problem seems to the P52 ELAN driver that goes into its floaty-laggy-interference-detection mode I am working from the position that this is not a hardware fault, but the behavior of the touchpad with the specific driver I have.


I have experimented with the built in sensitivity and speed settings available in windows 10 touchpad settings, as well as the 2 sliders in the ELAN settings popup.


I have not yet completely removed the driver and attempted to see if any other versions or a microsoft vanilla driver will work. I am hoping that the next version of the driver helps improve the situation.


Because the model just started shipping combined with its cost means the number of users to report any issues will likely be slow.

Y700 Doesn't enter to bios if hdd is plugged

 I left my laptop working all night cause I was downloading a game, when I wake up I notice that it doesn’t recognize my hdd, I tried to enter bios but I can’t, I need to unplug the hdd and that’s the only way that I can enter to bios. 

I don’t know why my hdd crash, I bought it a year ago. 

I was thinking that one reason could be that the keyboard was freezing randomly and the only solution to fix it was to force a shutdown. This happened very frequently.


Is there a way to enter bios with hdd plugged? And anyone knows why my shdd doesn’t work anymore?

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