Active Windows become Inactive in the Middle of typing

Good morning,


I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320, and within the past week, I have noticed that while I am typing (either in Word or Internet), my words will stop appearing and it is because my window has become inactive. I will have to click the area of where I am typing to active the current window and continue typing. Even now, it has done it twice. 


At first, I thought I was accidently pressing the touchpad with my thumb or other part of my hand; however, these past several days I have been conscience of that fact and have not done it, yet it still becomes in active. While being aware of this matter, I have watched the indication of the active window – and like just now, my Microsoft Edge icon will blink – removing the indication that it is active. 


While typing this message, my Microsoft Edge has become inactive four (4) times. It is become very frustrating, and I don’t know what has caused this ~ as I have not downloaded any new programs. 


I have read on a Google search that this has happened to other people, but was unsuccesful in my search for this particular laptop. I have only had this since March, and again this is a new problem that has only started recently. Any help or suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


Lenovo y700-15ISK Keyboard Keys Working Intermittently



– The following keys intermittently behave by either (1) not responding at all; (2) over-responding such that they might enter four keystrokes for a single actual keystroke; or (3) responding only after holding the key down for *several* seconds.  


A, S, D, F. The 1 key on the Num Pad. 


There may be another key here and there that’s affected, but those are the primary culprits.  


What I’ve tried:


– Resetting Windows 10

– Uninstalling and re-installing the keyboard drivers

– Using compressed air to clean the keyboard thoroughly


I am at a loss on how to fix this and it makes my laptop virtually unusable.  I guess I’m reluctant to conclude it’s a hardware failure because sometimes the keys work and even over-respond.  Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

SL510 won't boot into Windows 10 if USB flash drive is inserted

I have a fresh installation of Windows 10 1803 on a SL510.

It is activated.


I have changed the boot order in BIOS so that the hard drive is the third item with USB HDD and the DVD drive as #1 and #2 in the boot order.


Now whenever I have my USB flash drive (not bootable just has files) plugged into a USB port, I get a message about Bootmgr is missing. Ctl+Alt+Del to restart.

If I then remove the USB flash drive, and do the Ctl+Alt+Del, I can boot into Windows 10.



Lenovo HWCode for Lenovo Smart assistant

Hi there, this is my first post ever on this forum, so yeah i downloaded Lenovo Smart assistant in order to restore my Device in Android 6.1 From Nougat by using "Rescue" in order to do that i have to enter my HW Code, i’m not quite sure how to find it since i cannot open my battery on Lenovo k6 Power ( It’s simply not possible) so i did some research and found this on Lenovo Support post :



Method 1:

You can dial “####2222#” to get SN, and here are the rules of how to get HW code according to SN:

18 digits SN: HW Code is the 4&5th digits (count from the leading digit or alphabet)

23 digits SN: HW Code is the 15&16th digits

25 digits SN: HW Code is the 15&16th digits or 24&25 digits                  


But my SN ( Serial Number) is 8 Digits what should i do? Although Under Serial Number there is a PN: Number which is 18 Digits is this the number im supposed to use in order to find my HW? Please i really need some help.

Proximity sensor is not working.

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