I’ve recently gotten a new Legion Y7000 laptop and tried to do the bios update through Lenovo Vantage, but it keeps saying that the 9VCN18WW update is only for the Y530. I visited the place where you can manually download it, and it says it’s for both on the webpage, but in the documentation, it only mentions Y530 as well. Can anyone confirm if this update is also for the Y7000? And if not, can I make it so it quits recommending I install it? Thank you!

T510 RAM Upgrade


someone know how much ram can I install on the T510?

And, if i need to upgrade BIOS.


Lenovo Smart Bulb not Resetting

the Lenovo link app said failed to sign in so I made a new acc and tried resetting the bulb but now it’s just solid white, I turn on and off 5 times with pauses beteeen on and off and off and on and still has not slowly started flashing it’s just solid white how do I fix this?

Have a Question for you guys : Sreen panel

Hey guys i would like to get your advice,


i have this really nice X230 laptop (really like it, w. OSX)

i would like to know if you think that it is possible to get out the Matte filter from the screen

and transform it to Glossy ?

I want to get the glossy image and saw a video where it is possible to peel off 2 filters

to make it back to the original, the gloss screen.


Is there a film also on the X230 ? or is it made from factory like this and witout any matte film ??




thank you




Looking for compatible Fast Charger for Yoga Tab3 Pro


I’m looking for compatible Fast Charger for Yoga Tab3 Pro (XT3-X90F model with Intel CPU, 2GB RAM and 10" screen).

Stock charger is SC-13 model with 24W max power.

I can’t find any information, if this tablet supports QC technology or something similar.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance.

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