need help finding keyboard replacement for L540

so I accidentally broke my L540 keyboard by accidentally spraying a mist of water onto it…. i thought it would put up just like my T410/T420, but alas, i need to fork outsome money for a new keyboard… so onto the question, my keyboard FRU is 04Y2348, i searched it on my local online shopping […]

Yoga C930 Shutdown

I purchased a Lenovo Yoga c930 last week and it got delivered today. I have been experiencing issues with the sleep and power options. As soon as I click the button to eject the pen, the laptop goes into sleep mode where I have to sign in again. The situation gets worse because sometimes the […]

Upgrading E485 screen to a touchscreen from the A485?

I’ve seen some screens of the A485 from ebay with touch, the mounts, connector, and dimensions seem all identical. Would it work if I installed it in the E485? Or is there meant to be a special on board controller?  Ideapad 330s File Explorer not resonding Can anyone help with this? I tried some online […]

Yoga 720 and Portable Charger?

I have a Yoga 720 model 81C3000LUS.  Can I use a portable charger to charge it?   Would this work to charge my Yoga? or do I need this one that looks like it has 45w output as opposed to 30w for the above one?   If not, is there something else like this that […]

Lenovo Ideapad 320-14ikb SSD upgrade?

Is this compatible with my laptop? Specs below. My laptop has been running very slowly ever since i installed programs needed for my school. Also considering adding additional 4 or 8GB RAM into RAM slot, but crucial website stated that my laptop has only 1 slot, does that mean i must replace the existing 4GB?  Can […]