Update Android

Kapan pembaruan Android untuk smartphone lenovo k320t  Lenovo G470 enter current password I set a administrator password and someone enters random password multiple times. I went to use the laptop again and once i pressed the power button it only shows black with blue box that says enter current password, i tried to enter the […]

Worth it to upgrade from Yoga 3 Pro to 920?

The touchpad on my 2014 Yoga 3 Pro frequently stops working after the computer has been asleep or idle for a long time.  So far, I’ve been able to fix it each time with multiple reboots, but it’s annoying.  Would upgrading to Yoga 920 solve this problem, or does the 920 have issues with touchpad […]

New LCD in L530 turns off after windows logo

My screen broke and I bought a new one and replace it myself. Now the computer starts normally, but just after the window logo appears and a cursors briefly blinks on the top left side of the screen, the screen turns black. The computer still works (since I used it normally with a projector). Moreover, […]

Can't pair Lenovo k8 to Yamaha YAS207 soundbar

Hi all, I can’t pair my Lenovo K8 to Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar. The soundbar’s Bluetooth version  and profile are 4.1 + EDR (Profile) A2DP, SPP (Audio Codec) SBC, MPEG AAC. My phones Android version is Oreo 8.0.0. The soundbar pairs easily with other Android phones e.g. OnePlus 5 and iPhones…  Thanks!    Default boot device missing […]

Bluetooth tethering not working!

I have tried with multiple devices of Lenovo k8 plus, but whenever you try to access Internet through Bluetooth tethering, it crashes. Some apps crashes as well. Please fix on next update, which is long overdue. Connecting a V3700 V2 EXP to a V3700 V2 Hi there. Just a bit of background first. We have […]

Nutanix Calm & Flow

I’ve been getting questions on this update to HX. We went live with in the middle of July, but I wanted to clarify that these are available on the ThinkAgile HX Series integrated solution and not on the HX Certified Nodes. If you have any questions, please let me know. YOGA 920 external monitor lagging […]

Does IdeaPad 330s (Model 81F500BSUS) support M.2 NVMe SSD?

I found a good deal on the IdeaPad 330s (Model 81F500BSUS) with a 1TB HDD. I was wondering if it has an M.2 slot, and if so does it support M.2 NVMe or M.2 SATA?     Thinkpad X390 512GB Solid State Drive M.2 PCIe-NVMe, Opal speeeds What are the Read and Write speeds for the  […]

Lengion Y730 Dolby Atmos driver error! How to fix it?

After a fresh clean WIndows 10 reinstall on a Legion Y730 all the time I got this message: " This is s problem accesing the Dolby Atmos driver. Please restart the computer or reinstall the driver if the problem persist."    I did everything…I unistalled the driver, reinstall, delete everthing…..still same problem! Any solution yet? […]

Thinkpad P50 – Samsung 960 Pro SSD

Hi everybody,   I have a Thinkpad P50 (20EN0005HV) with windows 7. I would like to expand my storage capacity with a Samsung 960 pro 512 gb, this will be the primary drive after a windows reinstall. Does have anyone experience with this two together?   Is this needed tray to be purchased? (https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/memory-and-storage/memory/HDD-BO-M-2-SATA-SSD-tray/p/4XB0L78233)   […]

T 500 motherboard replacement

I have a very performing albeit old Thinkpad T 500. Unfortunately local assistance in Slovakia is telling me that motherboard is gone and they do not have the replacement. What is the most efficient way to proceed? Does Lenovo have in storage spare part of old laptop? shall I go on line and look for […]