YT3-350F App download is fast, but install is slow

I have an YT3-350F.

When Updating Apps from Google Play, the time difference between download and installing has been increasing. Battery level can drop by 20 before all is completed. Is there something wrong with my device?

Forgot my phone unlock pin

Facing random stutterings and freezings while playing ArmA 3 on Y700-15ISK!Please help me!

Hi all,


I am facing some stutterings and freezings while playing ArmA 3 on my Y700-15ISK,without any difference if I have set the video settings to the lowest or the max,and I face them and even when I play the game with over 100 FPS!


I have set up the game parameters,Nvidia settings,updated drivers to the latest,and tried to play the game even on the SSD drive, but still get the same results!The laptops’ fans are also clean!


Please help me!

Thanks to all in advance!

Best regards!

Prepare TPM for Bitlocker Pre-provisioning Win10 – T440P

I am following the steps here to pre-provision bitlocker during our Win10 OSD:


And having issues getting the TPM ownership to work for T440p.  Will the steps work in the link provided?  Or does the T440p need to use the legacy Set securitychip scripts for pre-provisioning?



Systems have the latest BIOS

ConfigMgr 1710

Windows 10 1709

ADK 1709

How much ram for T480 to maximize uhd 620?

I have a W520 now with 8gb ram, and a Quattro 1000 w/2gb graphic memory.

My system ram is usually under 5gb usage, and I don’t do a lot as far as video goes.

Only youtube, and I am hooked up to a 1920×1200 monitor most of the time.

For a T480, Is 8gb of ram sufficient, or would 16 make better use of the graphics card?

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