Yoga 720 Active Pen 2 Issue



Just purcased my lenovo 720 and an active pen 2, I have downloaded the wacom driver and connected + configured my pen. Unofrtunatley I am still having the issue where my pen will still write on the screen without me touching the actual screen. this becomes and issue when taking notes or using the pen as a cursor, because I will being to write and a little scribble will show up before I write, and when using it as a cursor, it will just click whatever I am hovering over.


I have tried to reduce the sensitivity, but with no success. I have looked at the configurable options under "Pen & Windoes Ink" and no dice. I must be missing something somewhere please help.


The only thing I want is for the pen to write only when I touch the screen, not hovering over it.





TS460 avago 9340-8i disks offline

Sorry for my bad english.

On My TS460 with two disks SSD 480Go Raid1 , with avago 9340-8i, I have a problem.

My two disks become offline randomly .  As well on start or operating.

An idea please?


SSCT Intro Training PPT

Attached is a reduced and updated version of the SSCT education PPT. Intended for new users of the SSCT. 

Can I add an SSD disk next to HDD

Can I add an SSD disk next to HDD on this model i just bought
lenovo ideapad 720-15ikb (81C7001JYA).
I have only 1 TB HDD , and I want SSD too . Is that possible on this model?
Thank you


IdeaPad 520S – How to install additional memory?

I just got a Lenovo IdeaPad 520S for work. It is running slow, so I got an additional 16GB of ram to install. I opened up the back of my laptop, looked at it, and couldn’t figure out how to find the existing ram/install the new ram. Is anybody aware of any articles on how to do it or can anyone help me with a few photos edited to point out where the ram is? I couldn’t find any articles/videos on the subject online yet.


Thank you!

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