Terrible customer service with Accounts Receivable – need tax removed from order

I used to praise Lenovo to my friends and colleagues- no more. I have never experienced such a incredible lack of customer service.


I placed an order that was supposed to be tax exempt but somehow the tax got added. I called immediately after placing the order that the sales tax needed to be removed and I was assured by the woman I spoke to that she would do it the following morning since she had to wait 24 hours for the order to process. I waited over a week and then called again to find out that she never did anything with the order.


I then spoke to Customer Service, who assured me my issue would be escalated since I had already called about it, and was then transferred to Accounts Receivable. They proceed to tell me that it will be another 10-15 days to remedy the situation because they are "just getting my request now" and refused to take into account that I have already contacted Lenovo about this over a week prior. They have all of my proper documentation for the tax exemption.


I have called over and over again and spoken to Customer Service and Accounts Receivable "supervisors" to no avail. It has been over two weeks since Accounts Receivable had this issue and they continue to do nothing, nor to they respond to me at all.


I am about to return the product and just go somewhere else since this apparently can’t be fixed by Lenovo.

Zuk z2 plus nougat update

Gave my Lenovo zuk z2 plus in the lenovo service centre….they flashed the phone and it has stopped receiving android update

Any one know what to do??????

Yoga book battery won’t charge



I bought à Lenovo yoga book in June in Hongkong. And start to have some problems to charge it since September. Now it worst than before. When on charge, the light turns on, the icon  battery says it charge but the computer doesn’t charge at all.. still 10% battery, going less or more.. but switch off as not enough battery. The computer is under warranty..but thanks French Lenovo..as it comes from Hong Kong they can’t fix it..the only way for me is to send the computer to the company in Hong Kong!!

I start to become crazy..change many times of cable but still the same. try to reboot but impossible as it noticed error 0x00001) and can’t use my computer anymore!

Please if somebody can help me..the yoga book is nearly going to Be destroyed by my feet…or going to the sea as I am sailing around the world.


or if someone as any number, email adress of Lenovo headquarter to be refund !





No Windows 10 OEM Key in BIOS (X270)

We have some X270 laptops we bought with Win 10 Pro but there is no key in the BIOS. Where can i find it? Thanks


Lenovo G50-70 Compatible SSD Hard Drive

Hello. I have a Lenovo g50-70 Model 20351. I want to get high speed SSD harddisk for working with video edit operations. I would like to buy a Samsung evo 970 SSD harddisk on my computer. Is this model compatible with my computer? Can you recommend an SSD harddisk with high read and write speed if not compatible?

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