S5 2nd Gen (E570P) /fresh install windows 7 in nvme



Please understand to my english..lol


I want install windows 7 in my laptop.


My laptop is S5 2nd Gen (E570P) + Toshiba nvme.


I have a windows 7 image include usb3.0 path on my usb.


And I can see nvme drive in bios, but it doen’t see in windows install step. 


It’s mean can’t see nvme drive.


What’s wrong with me?



Y520 WiFi not working

i had to send my laptop to warranty to change one of the 2 rams as it was causing BlueScreens, and after i took it the Wi-Fi doesn’t wanna show any of the availabe networks and only cable working 
to be more accurate the Wi-Fi is on but every time i click on it to show the available networks doen’t give any respond back 

Lenovo N200 3000 CPU Upgrade

Hallo everyone,

It is already 10 years I own Lenovo 3000 N200 0769-AUU with t2330 CPU (old but gold).  A few days ago I have red lots of posts about upgrading cpu of it. Someone says that cpu fits on it someone says other fits and etc. The most interesting I have red is on this page: http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/CPUs/Intel/Pentium_Dual-Core_Mobile/T2330.html

but I was going to buy 4 core cpu q9100 which is not in this list. Can sameone help me, will q9100 work on my pc or I must choose cpu from list

Re: Which SD card?

I just purchased a lenovo tab 4 10 plus

Would love to know which micro SD to purchase?

Am hoping to use it as storage for apps etc.

How big can you put in? How many gig?



I havejustpurchased a Ta3 7 essential and wish toadd a SD card,.

Having read it can takea micro 64gb, but there seem so many types, HC, class 10 ect, itwill only be used for browsing and downloading, watching films or tv programmes.


Thanks in advance.


Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller – Availability

The Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller was announced in January 2017 during CES to become available mid 2017.

One year and another CES later it still doesn’t show up.

Will it ever become available?



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