P40 Yoga: All Boot Entries Gone

Hello Lenovo community, I’m really hoping you can help me with this.


I have a P40 Yoga and was trying to boot Linux from a USB flash drive. Mind you, I’ve done so many times without struggle on many other computers. The P40 Yoga’s UEFI firmware, though, would consistently refuse to boot anything other than the Windows Boot Manager; it was as if that was the one and only bootable item (the Boot Priority Order in the Setup only showed a single entry: the Windows Boot Manager).


After fiddling around with toggling OS Optimized Defaults, restoring defaults, and treating the Boot Priority Order list as a list of more than 1 item even though only the first item in the list was ever displayed at a time, I managed to boot off my flash drive finally.


Then, after restarting, I find the system unable to boot any OS from any drive — there were now no entries whatsoever in the Boot Menu or Boot Priority Order list. No amount of fiddling in the Setup has yet yielded any results.


TL;DR UEFI has no boot entries, can’t boot anything from anywhere. I need to somehow recover at least one entry; then I can fix the rest with efibootmgr or something.


P.S. I can successfully access the built-in Diagnostics utility if that somehow helps.


P.P.S. I have also tried disconnecting both the main and CMOS batteries for some time. That reset my system clock (and probably reset the Setup configuration) but did not restore any boot entries.

Lenovo Yoga 700 14 Stylus

I’ve done some research and I know that my 2 in 1 laptop is capable of working with some sort of pen (albeit without pressure sensitivity), but what kind?


I’ve tested the rubber tip ones and they’re…. awful :/

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moved to Moto Community

T470s and Windows 7

I am trying to get Windows 7 Enterprise installed on a brand new Lenovo T470s which comes in three different configurations I’ve seen

-An NVMe M.2 Samsung drive 
-A 2.5" Toshiba SSD 
-An NVMe based M.2 Intel drive 

I am using WinPE to try and install Windows from an ISO that I got off Technet.

When booting into WinPE I receive the attached error


I have injected the drivers into the WIM file following this tutorial to make Windows 7 and the NVM technology play nice – https://support.lenovo.com/pl/en/solutions/ht103541

and grabbed all the drivers from here – https://support.lenovo.com/pl/en/downloads/ds120972

What have I missed?

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