Netflix and Weather Channel on Lenovo Smart Clock

I have had the Lenovo Smart Display 10 for over a year and have been waiting for Netflix to be available, still waiting… Fast forwarding a year and I bought a Lenovo Smart Clock to replace my Insignia Smart Clock on my nightstand to have access to more of my smart home stuff. I’ve noticed my Lenovo Clock showing up as a cast target for Netflix. It doesn’t play and errors out but why is the Lenovo Smart Clock showing up there in the 1st place and the Lenovo 10in display is absent? I’ve attached some pictures, I hope it means Netflix is on it’s way to actual smart displays. With the Nest Home Max launching today w/o Netflix, I doubt it though. 


I also came across the Weather Channel in a micro browser after clicking on the link on the bottom of the screen when asking the weather.


My clock’s name is Dad’s Clock.





T440 m.2 slot not 2242 compatible as does not have two slots but 3!

Re: T440 m.2 upgrade question 2242 but only 2 slot on board not 3?

M83 FAILED BIOS update


I’ve run many BIOS updates (30 years of being computer guy), and this is the first brick; was in Windows 10 (1903) and ran the in-the-OS flash utility, which almost seemed to complete (like got to the first 100%, unsure if it had another stage, and computer sat there frozen all weekend in hopes of clearing up); hard rebooted machine (as I had no other choice), and now nothing


took out cmos battery, moved the clear cmos jumpter to 2-3 and powered up for a bit then off and back to 1-2, unplugged computer for three minutes; even tried pulling the memory to see if it would beep, but nope


anyone have any idea if Lenovo has emergency program BIOS proceedure?


(note: tried booting with 2-3 cmos jumper and the .rom file on a usb stick, to no avail)

T430S: 3rd party Optical Drive Caddy (with SSD) is stuck: cannot be removed



I replaced the factory Optical Drive in my T430S with a 3rd party caddy in order to add an SSD for more storage.


I want to replace the SSD with one of larger capacity, but the caddy is stuck: it comes out ~ 1/3 of the way, then hangs.


It feels like it is sticking in the rear of the slot: the T430S release mechanism does NOT seem to be the issue, but I could be wrong.


It appears to be caught on something on the rear side of the NB.


I removed the keyboard thinking I could coax the caddy out from inside, but no luck.


I could probably pry it out with force, but I think that would cause permanent damage and make the bay unusable.


Anybody have any experience with this problem?

color is weird when I'm on internet

Hi! The color is weird  when I go on facebook it’s like people’s faces all have a bluish tint. I tried to reset the color and it always ask for a color preference for background but it doesn’t allow for plain white. Any suggestions?

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