Ideapad S10 – Black screen after BIOS update froze


I tried flashing newer version of BIOS to my Ideapad S10. The first time it froze, when turning power back on it would beep. I was able to reflash the backup of the BIOS using Pheonix CRISIS Recovery Disk Tool (WINCRISIS). Following instructions Here.


After recovery I redownloaded 14cna0ww, verified the Checksum. I then attempted to reflash under Windows XP. I originally tried to flash in Window 10 thinking that was the cause of the first flash failure. It agian froze, this time on powering the S10 did not beep like the first failed flash attempt and that I was able to recover. The power LED comes on imediately unlike when I recovered before. Screen stays black. No activitay light on usb driver or floppy drive.


Is there another key combo that will force it to start bios recovery? I konw this netbook is now a 10 year old model, but I use it to run linux.


I have read the folling post:


UPDATE (1/19/19):

I removed the battery CMOS Battery. Unfortunately this did not have an affect. Looks like new motherboard if I come accross one, used working model, or find a winbond 25x80avsig chip programed. RIP S10, you are only the second laptop (Thinkpad T21) along with one desktop (IBM 5150) in 27+ years I have actually destroyed.

Lenovo K-Series smartphones shift from Intel to Qualcomm

Hello guys,,

Lenovo launched the K900 smartphone with Intel Inside and many had assumed the follow-up device would have a similar Intel processor on the inside. That follow-up is the Lenovo Vibe Z, which was also known as the K910. Regardless though, Lenovo quietly unveiled the handset in China recently and it seems they just as quietly detailed the handset with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

While some may speculate this means the two companies are making a break, at least in the smartphone and tablet space, it appears that may not entirely be the case. In a statement provided to Intel touched on how their “relationship with Lenovo is longstanding and productive across a broad range of devices.”

Intel went on to mention they were a recent launch partner for Bay Trail and shifting back to the mobile side, they also went on to mention they are “taking a long-term view, and continue to work closely with Lenovo on current and future mobile products.” Simply put, it looks like the Lenovo and Intel partnership may continue with future smartphones…

Lenovo hasn’t offered any comment in regards to the switch, however it was pointed out that a challenge for Intel has been on their ability to offer built-in support for a wide range of networks. Notably, the LTE networks. To that point, the Lenovo K900, which does have Intel Inside, has only been made available in a total of eight markets, including the recently added Thailand and Malaysia.

Otherwise, as we saw from the recent Vibe Z K910 unveil in China, the handset arrived with specs to include a 5.5-inch 1080p display, 16GB of internal storage, 5 megapixel front-facing camera, 13 megapixel rear-facing camera and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.


Lenovo M82 SFF won't Resume from Sleep Windows 10 1809

I have a Lenovo M82 SFF that won’t Resume from Sleep. BIOS is latest 9SKT9CA.  Everything else seems to work fine.


Samsung 8GB DDR3

500GB Intel 545 SATA SSD

Intel Core i5 3470

Windows 10 1809

Monitor connected through DP to DVI adapter


What it does is power LED blinks when asleep, then when I try to wake it with mouse or keyboard, the power LED becomes lit solid and the optical drive spins up, but nothing happens.  Monitor stays off.  Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock LEDs on keyboard don’t respond to those keys being pressed (Num Lock is on by default).  I have to press and hold POWER button to force it off, then it can cold boot normally.


Windows 10 was a clean 1803 UEFI install that updated itself to 1809, but problem still existed in 1803.  I tried installing audio and AHCI drivers from the M82 download section, that didn’t help.  I tried putting the original mechanical HDD back in it that came with 1803 installed as MBR (Legacy BIOS), but that can’t resume from sleep either.  I tried disabling everything in Power Options: USB Selective Suspend, PCI Express Link State Power Management, Turn Display off, Hybrid Sleep, etc.


Right now I’m using latest Intel IGP drivers for the onboard graphics.  Before with the default Windows driver, it would occasionally reboot the computer upon attempting to wake rather than black screen.  Now it seems pretty consistent just black screen with the latest IGP driver.


Any ideas or anyone else have this issue with latest BIOS?


Yoga 3 screen went blank after 2 hour of use.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 screen went black

Ideapad 320 – Delete key inserts characters, alt key turns off mousepad

Hello all,


This is very strange.  When I use the delete key, instead of deleting text it pastes the characters q9ew-rui.  When I click on the Alt key, the mousepad turns off, click again the microphone turns off,click again and each one turns on again.  It also types the characters 7gh with each click on the Alt key. 


I looked online and followed the Sticky key solution and the  "delete  the device drivers" solution, but it is still the same.  Please help!

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