Help me, how to add the stereo mix in Lennovo B40

Hello guys, I Have a lennovo B40 and I want to Record a videos/film and make it recorder changes to text, but I can’t because in my laptop Stereo Mix is missing or nothing. how to fix it? help me sir, please.

Lenovo X260 keyboard issue – spacebar keystrokes sometimes missed

I’m a ThinkPad fan – I own a number of ThinkPads (an X250, X260, T450s, T460s, and a T470). I also use a ThinkPad T480 at work. Unfortunately, I have come across an issue on my X260 – it sometimes misses spacebar keystrokes. This is a very big problem for me because I type fast (around 120 words per minute). I have not experienced this issue with any of my other ThinkPads. I have firmware 1.40 installed (the latest available). I have over 400 days left on my X260’s warranty. How do I send this laptop to Lenovo for repairs?

Message sending

When I have tried to send business card to other people it getting fail. What is the problem how I send .a v card as attachment plz solve my problem

LENOVO G700 result code WCP03E000-FN9V3G and WHD01V002-FN9V3G read test failure

hello, I got the above failures. What should I do?

T580-New laptop and two charging ports???

Hi all, 

Recently received my think pad t580 and noticed there’s two charging ports on the side (see picture).The picture shows the power adapter is in the charging port furthest to the edge of the laptop.


I’m unsure on which port to use as don’t know the difference between the two and I noticed the laptop states there is 2 batteries. How do I get both batteries to charge as its always showing one battery charging when the power adapter is in. 

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