Front USB ports not working on ThinkStation P510



since a couple of days 3 of my 4 front USB ports are not working anymore. I usuallsy used the first two with my USB sticks. Nothing special… But now they won’t recognize anything (Sticks, Card Reader…) I plug into them except for the last one. The 4th port still works fine.

If none of them would work I would think it’s a connection problem like a lose cable on the mainboard. But sine one is still active I don’t know what happened. All 4 lights are on and in the BIOS all ports are enabled. 

I also updated the BIOS and set everything to default but that didn’t help.




Lenovo Performance Tuner doesn't recognize my P510 ThinkStation



when I start the Lenovo Performance Tuner I get the error message: "Lenovo Performance Tuner is only supported on ThinkStation and ThinkPad P series computers."

I have a ThinkStation P510. So what’s the problem?


I recently updated my BIOS to the newest version (S00KT61A). After that I had the problem that my serial number and machine type showed as invalid. So I updated once more and manually changed the sn and type. But I guess somehow the system still has not updated it even if it shows up in the BIOS and also in Lenovo Vantage.

BUT I also have the driver Tool Ashampoo Driver Updater which on starup recognizes my system (Windows, Lenovo etc.) And where it says Lenovo it also says INVALID! So there must be still something wrong.


I hope anyone can help here. Thank you!

assigning custom functions to function keys

for 5 year I was a happy user of Yoga Pro 2, now had to buy a new laptop – Ideapad 520 – and I can’t get used to the different functions assigned to certain function keys; namely F4 (closing active window at Yoga, now muting mic) and F9 (turning off the screen at Yoga now locking the system). Is there a way to change these functions and assign the Yoga once?
(to make clear – I am not looking for a way to turn off the special functions of F1-F12)


Can't access Ideapad 100S due to Bitlocker recovery key needed

Hi, been trawling through the forum and can’t find an answer to my problem. My son uses the laptop for school and brought it home today upon which I discovered when you turn it on, it’s booting to the Bitlocker screen requesting a recovery key. Looking for ideas to how I can overcome this. He swears blind he hasn’t done anything! Thus far have tried:


1. Checking if a key exists under his MS account. It doesn’t.

2. Every reset option available when you select ‘skip this drive’ from the Bitlocker screen.

3. Can’t boot off an external USB drive to restore or clean install as the bios only show ‘windows boot manager’ option which just cycles me back to the Bitlocker screen!

4. I’ve tried turning ‘secure boot’ off in the bios settings but makes no difference. Other than toggling this on and off the only other options are to ‘reset to setup mode’ and ‘restore factory keys’. Neither makes any difference.


So I’m at a loss on how to either clean install windows 10 or get past the bitlocker screen (I understand you can’t without the key – that’s the purpose of encryption!)


Any ideas gratefully received.


Thanks, Julian

Purchased Lenovo Smart Display 10" today, plugged in and unfortunately will not power up.

Purchased today. 

Unfortunately it will not power up. won’t start up.Tried different power outlets to no avail.

Could it be a faulty adapter? Faulty product?

Please help.

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