Wireless Fn Icon not working

Anyone know how to get the wireless function button working?  If not is there a keyboard shortcut to switch bluetooth radio back on?

[T440] What is the empty slot beside the Wireless Card? (serial number & picture included)


I have a T440 Laptop
Serial Number: XXXXXXX     –    Serial number removed per forum rules – mod
Type/ Model: 20B7S19G00


Could you please identify the slot in the picture below? It’s beside the wireless card. 



… It’s not the mSATA slot, is it? 


Could it be the M.2 slot, despite having only 2 prongs? 


Is there a way to install an SSD there and if so – what kind would I need? 


Thanks a lot in advance!

T25 Auto Brightness Issue – Persistent!

Hello everyone,

I own a beautiful ThinkPad T25 Anniversary Edition and since day 1 the auto dimming brightness feature has been driving me absolutely nuts. No matter what settings I turn off the screen STILL dims when it’s on a black or dark image (like my default T25 desktop or dark websites).

– I have disabled the Windows auto brightness feature.
– I have disabled the Intel Graphics Power Savings Mode feature on ALL power plans.
– I have updated my drivers and ran all available updates through Lenovo Vantage.

I really don’t know what else to do. I don’t really use this laptop much, otherwise I would have complained about it a lot earlier, but I am recently traveling and the T25 is my only machine right now and this auto-dimming on dark screens is driving me to insanity! I write code on my machine and switching between dark and bright screens is a very common thing! Please help!

Thank you.

Lenovo Y720 Num Pad Issues

Hello Lenovo community,



I have recently purchased my Lenovo Y720 Gaming Laptop, I started playing some games and I noticed  I have a problem.


When pressing the num lock button for canceling the numbers on the num pad, in order to use the num pad arrow keys, the keys will not work as arrows. 

instead, it will for example open the "Lenovo Nerve Center" when pressing the "7 key" instead of helping me walk diagonal north west


Ive tried to find some information online and also figure out by myself and Im rly out of ideas. couldnt find any solution


I will rly love to hear if you know whats the solution for this issue.

playing my online games without the num pad arrow keys is a real struggle




Thanks in advance,


Lenovo y520-15IKBM Cpu Priority resetting

Hi, i’m having some performance issues specifically in elite dangerous, i can fix the issue by setting cpu priorty to above normal or high, but the second i tab out it resets to normal. 

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