Screen Ghosting Yoga 910


My Yoga 910-131KB Laptop periodically displays ghost images (please see attached pictures). I could be reading, web browsing, watching a video on youtube or netflex and suddenly whatever is being displayed will freeze on the screen. The frozen image is tanslucent so sometimes I can see through it and continue using the laptop, but other times it makes using the laptop extremely difficult (like reading and typing).

I have tried using different browsers (Firefox, MS Edge, and Chrome) and closing/reclosing the laptop but the issue keeps happening. Sometimes the ghost image goes away spontaneoulsy, but most of the time I have to reboot it several times to clear some of the ghosting. I love the laptop, but sometimes this bug makes it unusable. I have never dropped, spilled liquid, or damaged it in any way. It was new when I brought it. Can anyone please give me any suggestions? I am not super-tech savvy, so any advice is appreciated.



Yay, Lenovo fixed X1Y3 throttling. New BIOS 1.29

That’s it.

Ciao, Han

Miix 520 LTE issue with Adobe Illustrator Please help

Active pen 2 not working correctly on adobe Illustrator cc v23
please help only one reason I bought this tablet for Illustrator but on Photoshp cc work fine

Thinkstation C30 (type 11xx) CPU upgrade to 2X E5-2696v2

Hi, I have a C30 TYPE 1095 and for some reason a year ago the motherboard decided to "die". I replaced it with another one (FRU 03T6730 PRO DPK and installed a pair of E5-2609V2, since it is TYPE 11xx now. I used 2 memory modules 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz ECC (90Y3111) that I had from my other 1095 C30. and it is working great for the past year. The only problem was that there is no "serial number" and "machine type and model" registered in the BIOS, so it starts with an error but after a few secontds it boots perfectly in win 10 I read here how to fix that, but never tried it, as it is not a real issue. As I need more power from the machine, I decided to upgrade it and got a matched pair of E5-2696v2 (C1 stepping both). I know that this CPU is not listed as supported, as intel produced those as OEM’s, but I read in the forum that there are D30’s with that CPU’s and 1600Mhz memory and also they are others for sale on ebay. After CPU’s installation the workstation is not booting. No beeps, No sounds, lights are on, fans are working, but no post at all. Monitor is stays in sleep mode. Graphics card is Nvidia NVS 300, but I tried also my V7900 form my other C30. I tried also to install only one CPU on CPU slot 1 but the problem insists. For now I reinstalled 2609v2’s and still wondering what the problem might be. So to summarize: Current components CPU – Xeon 2X E5-2696v2 CPU – coolers: Stock RAM – 8GBx2 UDIMM DDR3 1600 MHz ECC (90Y3111) – Total 16GB BIOS version: A3KT47AUS Nvidia NVS 300 Wireless keyboard (if it matters!) Any ideas?

E580 CPU and SSD upgrade

Hi all!
I recently benchmarked my E580 and was wondering if anyone can tell me what some good options are for upgrading my CPU and SSD. Currently has the i7-8550U and the SSD is a Lenovo make (LENSE20256GMSP34MEAT2TA 256GB). 

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