Save BIOS when supervisor password exists

Assuming we have a numerical supervisor password of 1234, how can we save settings or BIOS configuration via PowerShell? The recommended solution is giving us access denied-


(gwmi -class Lenovo_SetBiosSetting –namespace rootwmi).SetBiosSetting("WakeOnLAN,Disable,1234,ascii,us")

(gwmi -class Lenovo_SaveBiosSettings -namespace rootwmi).SaveBiosSettings("1234,ascii,us”)

Tab 4 8 plus headphone issue

Hi, bought this tablet in the bank holiday sale.  When I plug in my headphones sound comes out of them as well as the tablet speakers.   What am I doing wrong? 

Hope you can help. 


Thanks Hugh  

Lenovo N24 Windows 10 Pen not fully working

Alright so I just got a lot of these n24 touch screens and after using the pens on them they won’t reach the top of the page or the task bar, it just barely stops. We tried resetting the device, restarting and resetting the Windows 10 OS, installing drivers, checking drivers with lenovo companion, quite literally everything we could do. Tech Support through the phone couldn’t help, and these aren’t warenty devices. It has no reason why it shouldn’t work. It just barely not works. I don’t know what’s wrong, and I can’t find anything online where people are having the same issue. Please help

External keyboard (0B47190) Trackpoint re-calibrating frequently

I recently purchased the ThinkPad external USB keyboard with Trackpoint (0B47190). The Trackpoint frequently re-calibrates and it takes > 5 seconds to do so.  I’ve owned ThinkPad T series laptops for over 13 years and I have found that they calibrate infrequently and it only takes about a second.  I’ve tried different sensitivity settings and turned off ‘enhance pointer precision’.  I am using the latest driver and updated the keyboard to the latest firmware.  Running Windows 10 on a T580.


Is there a setting/method to make this keyboard Trackpoint behave like the ones on the T series ThinkPads?  Maybe a registry value?



Lenovo R751LB Display keeps dimming

Not sure if I post in the correct section it was the most related category.


My R751LB’s screen keeps dimming in comparison to what the screen currently displays. If the screen displays bright colors then the display will be at 100%. If the screen shows dark colors, then the display will slowly dim to maybe 30-50% (estimation), and will dim up to 100% if I switch to a brighter colors window/website/software etc.


I’ve looked both in the advanced battery settings to make sure that adaptive brightness is off as well as the same settings in the Intel’s driver options, and made sure that they are both off. Any help would be really helpful since a lot of programs I work on have darkish UI and I really need to have as much accurate colors as possible.



my specs to avoid any confusion are


8GB ram

intel graphics

+GT740M 2GB

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