Review for top spec'd P72?



For months I have been sitting on the fence waiting to see some reviews of the beast with top specs… but nothing!
I want the Xeon, P5200, 4K, 128GB, 2x2TB SSD + 2TB HDD


Does this machine work? Have they solved the thermal throttling issues of the P71?




Using internal HD for Storage Pool

I have a Y520-15IKBN with 2 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD. I have used up all the memory on the SSD and I would like to add the 2TB HDD via Windows Storage Pool but it is telling me "Can’t prepare drives, Close all applications that are accessing the drive, and then try again" Also: "Access is denied (0x000000005)"

I do not have anything on that drive, although when I go to Storage> System & Reserved, under System files it says 270MB: "These system files help Windows run properly. Your PC won’t work without them".

I don’t want to format this drive under Disk Managemant for fear of deleting those system files. Under Disk Management everything looks fine- 1862.89 GB NTFS, HEalthy (Primary Partition). 

I want to confirm I am not able to use this drive in my Storage Pool. I know I can save files there manually if needed. 

Does my Ideapad 520 (8th Gen) Laptop has an extra M.2 port for an SSD?

I’ve done my research and found out that my Laptop’s motherboard is:



Here are the images of the board (from Lenovo’s Support Site):







I know its WIFI chip is also connected to an M.2 port, so I’m wondering if my Laptop has another M.2 port for an SSD?

It came with a regular 2TB HDD and I’m wondering if I can add an M.2 SSD or the only option I’ve got is to replace the DVD tray with a regular SATA SSD?

Additional Questions:

Does the M.2 port has NVMe support?

Does the M.2 port has OPTANE support?


Thanks in advance..

Lenovo Smart Display & volume randomly going to max

Note: I thought I had posted this one yesterday but I don’t see it in the postings so appologize if it ends up being a duplicate.


I recently added (within the past month) an 8" Lenovo Smart Display … I really like it but my wife doesn’t. and as a result the mic & camera are disabled.


It is typically just displaying pictures from Flickr with occasional YouTube streams (via casting).


However, regardless of what it is doing the volume will randomly go to max (& when just displaying pictures it is a loud chirping sound) & on 1 occasion this occured during the night, waking us up.


To lower the volume I have to manually use the volume button on the device AND then touch somewhere on the display so that the volume ‘bar’ on the display isn’t there … if I the ‘Home’ app to lower the volume or if the volume ‘bar’ on the display is still visable it will immediately return to max volume.


I have done a full factory reset but with no luck, the problem continued.


As I indicated above, my wife doesn’t like having it so if this issue doesn’t get resolved I may have to get rid of it.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.




M625q Reset bios administrator password

Greetings everybody,


I got the issue, that one of my Lenovo M625q devices has set a bios administrator password, which I’m not able to guess anymore. I would like to reset the whole thing, but I don’t know how.

Can somebody provide me a guidance, unfortunately the Lenovo HMM doesn’t provide much information about that.


Best regards



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