Hi all

I have several problems with the apps icons on my lenovo K5 (A6020a40 with android 5.1.1) with a 32Go SD card to store apps and pictures/music.


To get a clean desktop, I pooled the icons together (drag and drop one icon on the other one) to create folders on my desktop, but since then I have several issues :

1- after each update of the apps which storage is on the SD card, the icons of the updated apps are getting out of the folder and back to the desktop.

2- sometimes after an update, the icon appears on the desktop but is still in the folder, thus an application with duplicated icons (most of the time Facebook)

3-  and I did not find a way to hide the icons without unisntalling the according apps.


I tried using "folder organizer lite" which seems to solve the first two issues, but I still cannot hide the icons on the desktop. Thus I now have folders which seems stable but with all app icons duplicated


How can I manage to have folders organized as I want on the desktop while storing the apps on the SD card ?


Thanks in advance


ps: I hope  my explanation are clear, English is not my native langage and my "smartphone English" even worse

Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Generation HDMI Issue

Dear Sir,

When I connect to HDMI, the screen is extended, but in every 5 minutes the projector of TV screen becomes dark for 5 seconds. Your kind support is required.


Serial number of Laptop is R90NQG4V

M920X Tiny : Problem Ethernet Controller Driver



I re-installed Windows 10 but I don’t find a driver for Ethernet Controller.

Could you help me for download Ethernet Controller driver ? 


Thanks you


Kind regards,



330-15ICH ideapad 330 problems

I just got this laptop and where wondering has anyone else had had so many problems with it?


Lenovo Vantage is giving me "problem retrieving updates" error.

Trackpad is awful, randomly clicking, mouse stops.

Updating NVIDIA Drivers need to be done from Lenovo site only?

I tried to reinstall Lenovo Vantage from Microsoft Store, still getting same kind of errors.

Tried updating NVIDIA Drivers via Nvidia Experience, was getting a "Nvidia installer cannot continue" error.


Is there type c to slim slip calble(or converter)?

Recently, typec power charger is quickly developed and can be used in phone,pad… power charging.

So, is there any type c to slim slip calble(or converter)?

Such as the cable in "Lenovo USB-C Laptop Power Bank 14000mAh-WW"(40AL140CWW), (Supports USB-C and Slim-tip laptops via dongle ).



Or the cable can be bought anywhere?


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