New Vantage – no more quick battery threshold toggle

I find it very disappointing to see the new version of Vantage lose the one-click battery threshold toggle button from its pop-up menu.


At the very least make it an option in the new Quick Settings category.


This is a big step backwards in UX for the sake of a "prettier" design.

Lenovo Y740 earphone noise during games and RGB keyboard

When I have earphones plugged in while playing games, there’s a constant low humming noise that plays in the background.

Also, if I turn on the RGB on the keyboard, there’s a quiet but high pitched noise that seems to play with the presets that have more than one colour,

Does anyone know how to fix these problems? I’m more concerned particularly with gaming as I don’t really mind just turning off the RGB.

Both normal and depth enabled mode not producing accurate picture -K8 Note camera issue

Picture taken from K8 note was not at all clear. All the time it was blur and seems like picture taken from low quality mega pixel camera.


Though it has 13+5 MP Dual rear and 13 MP front camera , The camera performance is worst and pathetic in either way abundant light or in  low light.. Prior to this, I used lenovo K4 note for almost 3.5yrs. Even though less meg pixel compare to k8 note, picture(camera) quality was amazing in it. Based on that self usage review I bought this k8Note on 04th Jan 2019. But fully disappointment with camera quality, Not even worth for 2MP quality. Picture quality is blur and not even has any clarity.


Can someone suggest me how to resolve this camera quality issue. does I alone facing similar issue or anyone encounter it,



P50 fan constantly running (with docking station) – how to turn off?


I am using the Lenovo Thinkpad P50 with the 230W Lenovo docking station, with the latest BIOS (1.59) and all Lenovo driver updates. It runs Windows 10 Pro v1903, has 40GB RAM, Intel i7 @ 2.7GHz, Nvidia Quadro M1000M.


The problem: Fan (even on low CPU loads) never turns off (and the noise is getting on my nerves).


I have read a number of forum posts here, some of which speak of BIOS updates and firmware updates for the docking station, but none seem to apply.

Changing the Windows Power Options (Processor management > System cooling policy > Plugged in) from passive to active makes no difference.


What must be done so that the fan turns off on low CPU use?

Thank you in advance for competent hints and guidance in solving this.

Power Button flashing, can't charge or make laptop work on charger! HELP 🙁

Hello Dear Lenovo community! 


I have an issue that maybe anyone can help me with. I have Lenovo B50-30 Serial:***********. It’s about 4th year of usage and perfect so far, but approximately these 2 months I noticed power button starts flashing all of a sudden. Upon flashing battery stop charging. I was unpluging and pluging back again and it worked normal. Unfortunately during these two month this occured more and more often and it needed to do plug operations after every hour, after every half hours, after every 15 minutes and now it’s dead. As soon as I plug charger power button immadiately starts flashing. I thought it was battery first, but laptop turned off after couple of mniutes working on charger without battery.  I noticef this was occuring during gaming on laptop. Generaly DOTA 2. CPU temperature maximum heat was 82 and video card 74-76. 

I tried different chargers result is the same. I tried different battery result is the same. I tried power shut down, like removing battery and pushing power button for 60 seconds, but no possitive result.

Here’s the vide on my google drive of laptop and how it behaves.


Please share with your opinion hoqw can I fix this. 


Thanks in advance. 


Edit notes: Removed SN for member’s protection MTM 59430766 Model:80ES 

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