Network fluctuation

Why there is too much network fluctuation in lenovo k8plus for IDEA SIM, please help me it’s so frustrated

Lenovo E73 SFF Recasing – Swap Case

Hello everyone!


I am the owner of a Lenovo E73 SFF, with an i3 4150 3.5ghz. I would like to change the Case but I have doubts that I would like to resolve by asking you, who surely know more than me. 🙂

I start by saying that I have already purchased an ATX PSU with a 24 pin connector, and I know that it takes the 24 to 14 pin adapter because it is a proprietary motherboard, I bought it and it should arrive soon.

The doubts are:


1 – PINs, PC cases I will buy (itek, vultech, master cooler etc) are compatible with the motherboard? or do I need adapters? (at the bottom of the topic I’ll add some photos found on the net)


2 – The format seems to be just a Micro ATX, are there any problems with the motherboard holes? Or do they fit together perfectly?


3 – I am currently using the Lenovo e73 with its 240w 80+ PSU with an Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB Gddr5, with a cable that extends the PCI Express port and holding the PC door open, there are problems if I connect it to the PCI port Express motherboard directly?


I thank you in advance for the answers, and if there are illustrated images for PIN links I would be grateful. 🙂


X220 Trouble migrating to Windows 10 1903



My Lenovo X220 is fitted with a i5 2520M, Centrino Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet and Ericsson F5521gw wwan.


I would like to report a problem with migration to 1903.


Yesterday, I initiated migration from Windows 10 1809 to Windows 10 1903. During process, at install time (auto reboot, then blue screen with percentage), at around 48%, system gave up with a BSOD, Pagefault in NDIS.sys and then stopped. On the next boot, system was restored to its previous state (1809).


So I investigated and retried again and again. The solution was to remove any unneeded network hardware driver during migration (I kept Centrino Wifi). I even turned off Wifi (green switch) once download phase has ended. I also removed the graphic card driver.


I think Ericsson F5521gw old 2011 Windows 7 driver was the culprit. Anyway, everything went ok, and I even installed it back after migration. Haven’t tested it though.



Lenovo Thinkserver system mananger – RD650


Rack Server – RD650 (ThinkServer)

Hi Guys,

Im tring to web login into my Thinkserver..

But cannot remember the username and password… Keep on getting the error ‘ Invalid Authentication’

I have gone through all the generic ones…

What do I need to do..


Simon W

Yoga 510 Display gets off while working


Yoga 510 display gets black screen while working, please tell the issue

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