My K6 Note won't get out of safe mode.

Been using this phone for around half a year. Encountered a few problems but they are still tolerable


Just today, I encountered a very annoying problem which is I can’t get out from safe mode


So far I’ve tried:

Restarting the phone as the phone suggestsEntering fast boot modeFactory resetting the phone

None of the above solved the problem. Please kindly help, thanks!


Model number K53a48

Android version 7.0

Build number K53_S228_171114_ROW

X1 Yoga 3 freezes when watching YouTube in Chrome

My X1 Yoga 3 keeps freezing when watching YouTube in Chrome. Even worse, the laptop crashed just now when I was watching videos using the Movie app. I have updated all my drivers and BIOS. I don’t have this problem on Dell laptop. Anyone has the similar experience and knows why

Lenovo Yoga 920 Customization Selection

A couple of weeks ago I saw options that allowed to customize the Yoga 920 before purchase (processor, RAM, SSD etc). This option was gone when I checked today hoping to grab the desired specs. My question is whether this customization option was removed temporarily or on permanent basis?

Ideapad 100s-14IBR Battery Draining



I bought this ideapad in June 2017. The battery life was great for about 10 months then plummeted. A fully charged battery will only last about 45 mins according to the battery life readout, and it lasts even less in reality.


The notepad was only used lightly. I would have returned it but was unable to within the 1yr warranty as I had health issues. 


What at is wrong with the battery?

Legion T730 Lighting

Just recieved my T730 does anyhone know how to adjust the lighting on the chassis.  Tech support told me to download nerve center which I did.  Could not find anything in it to adjust the lighting.

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