Lenovo SSD and HDD firmware update tool


I’ve seen this morning a new section on the support page for my Lenovo Legion Y530, it is called  for Windows 10. There is an .exe file which can upgrade your nVME SSD firmware. My current firmware version  is 11.7 and the utility should upgrade the firmware to 11.82 version. I downloaded the .exe file but when I try to run it, nothing happens…It just generates a .txt file telling that it couldn’t run the another .exe file…weird. The nVme drive is a RAMAXEL which came with this particular model of laptop.

Did anyone tried to use the file/upgrade the firmware of the SSD drive ? I’m just a bit confused about this, since the .exe is not running…I’m waiting for your answers.


Black screens common use carbon x1 g6

I have black screens in the daily use of my carbon x1 gen6. My notebook is on the current status running the w10 1809. Lenovo Support could not help me… Anyone got a solution?


thanks and best regards

How to delete SYNCIT cloud backup



How can I delete contacts and call register backup from cloud backup made by SYNCIT app?

I can’t find an option and already wrote an email to syncit(at)lenovo.com and privacy(at)motorola.com without getting any response

hdmi vga Lenovo B50-30

Hi, i have a pc, but without any monitor. I have a Lenovo b50-30 (working perfectly), and i want use the pc, with the Lenovo monitor, but without dissasemble anything. This laptop has 2 ports, a hdmi and a vga; the pc has 2 types of hdmi, i dont know how to explain that types. Is there any solution to send video images to the Lenovo monitor, using the vga or the hdmi ? And if yes, cand you post a photo of the cable, please ? And if yes again, is there any more thing I must do except plug the cable ? 


My Lenovo can’t turn on



I have suspended my Lenovo ideapad and I don’t know what happened when I turn on again it wasn’t able to load the loggin screen, it was all the time in the ‘lenovo’ Screen and after that I was turning off itself and after 10 seconds it was turning on again loading only the ‘lenovo’ Screen and again the same and all by itself.

After 1 hour now it is not even able to load the ‘lenovo’ screen and it sounds like lazy, like without energy (it is connected yes).


Someone knows what is happening here? The RAM? The motherboard?


Thank you

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