Lenovo k8 plus battery drain fast after updating android oreo and November security pacth level upda

SD card not recognized by Windows 10 on Yoga Book



I just bought a Lenovo yoga book tablet, updated windows to date, which took almost a day by the way, and now, any card that i insert in the sim tray is not recognized. The same card is reconized in a USB card reader, so it’s a software problem.


What a tried:

– Formatting the card as ntfs, fat32, exfat

– Troubleshoot the isue with hardware troubleshooter, but just says fix applied, please restart, and nothing happends

– I tried going to device manager and updating driver, but no new drivers were found, see the print screen at the end.


At this point I have 13 days to return it, but i would not want to go there if it’s a software problem and it can be fixed.



Can anyone help me with this?

CS18 hub executables

Hi, we own a couple of Thinkpad X280 in our environment.


Every few machines would have the following updates shown in our logs


c:program files (x86)cs18dock_*cs18_*.exe
c:program files (x86)cs18dock_basic_usbhubcs18_usb_hub.exe
c:program files (x86)cs18dock__basic_pdcs18_pd_control.exe
c:program files (x86)cs18dock_ultra_dphubcs18_dp_hub.exe
c:program files (x86)cs18dock_dphubcs18_dp_hub.exe 


However when we navigate to the said folder mentioned above, these folders do not exist.


can anyone advise what are those executables and why is it no longer existent?  The users do not know what happened.

Gen. 1 Anyway to skip the payment methods in the setup?


My name is Nathan and I work out of a school. We are setting up 30 of the Mirage Solo’s for class use next year. I’ve done the first 12 but all of a sudden I am running into an issue where some units seem to skip the update step after setting up the wifi. The units that do this then skip the update process to go straight to google sign in and then require a payment method from credit card, paypal or redeem gift cards. The units that need to update don’t even bring up this payment method screen at all.


This is a problem for the school as the account that will manage all the units is a school account and is thus unable to use paypal or credit cards because we can’t use google payments.


I feel a simple fix for this will just be to buy a $10 gift card, keep the value on there and then we should HOPEFULLY be ok? Is there a way to just skip that step like with the previous units I’ve already set up? Honestly it’s a bit frustrating there even is 2 different setup procedures in the first place but if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

Lenovo S3200 disk groups mix

Hi – looking for some advice please. I have a Lenovo S3200 which has been working well for a year or so. It has 6 enclosures – in 2 of the enclosures I have 1.8Tb 10k SAS drives ( all in raid5 disk groups in pool A ) and in the other enclosures I have 4Tb  7k SAS MDL drives ( all in raid 6 disk groups in pool B ). I want to order another enclosure with  6Tb 7k SAS MDL drives to put into raid6 disk groups in  POOL B . I need these disk to be higher capacity because of additional space demands and I can only add one more enclosure. Is it okay to mix disk sizes in a pool like I am planning. I only have the basic license – the performance tier license is marked as ‘disabled’ .  I really would appreciate your advice.

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