I have an ideapad 320 with 1tb i removed 1tb and cloned a ssd from my desktop with windows 10 so my desktop and new laptop would be identical , it boots fine no issue after clone but as soon as it updates the lenovo drivers it restarts and blue screens with no bootable device I have tried now three times and same results , any suggestions greatly appriciated 

Start on Power not working – where is the support?

I am running a  20CHS10P02 (Helix 2) on a ThinkPad Tablet Dock (FRU 03X7102, https://support.lenovo.com/de/en/accessories/ACC100200).

In the BIOS I have set it to boot at power, like I had done for my earlier T410s-es. However, contrary to my previous experiences with those T410s, the Helix doesn’t boot at power. It doesn’t seem to detect the event of me plugging in the power supply of the dock.


Out of warranty or not, I think that lenovo ought to correct this in their BIOS of which I run the most recent one (2.02).

Can anybody please point me to a resource, aside from the one that states ‘this is billable’?

HD-Intel 4600 graphics OpenGL support

Is there any available update for intel hd graphics 4600 that supports OpenGL 4.5?



WGL: Driver does not support OpenGL version 4.5 Could not create a window! Process finished with exit code -1



So far as I searched, I am unable to install anything from official Intel webpage because of driver modification from Lenovo. So the question is: can I either:


1) get any driver update from Lenovo (the latest update for model G510 is from 2013 -_- )

2) use the other graphics card on my PC (AMD) to run OpenGL 4.5 on CLion?


Thanks in advance.

Lenovo Ideapad 110S-11IBR DC Port replacement

Hi, I was given a Lenovo Idea 110S-11IBR netbook as I will call it and it has a small but common problem. The DC port/Charging port (Which ever you want to call it) is broken. After a bit of google searching I noticed this is quite a common issue and want to fix mine so I can use the machine. Well here is the problem. No one is able to locate a charging port or one that would work with it. This is a problem as the only other option is to replace the entire motherboard to the machine and that is at least half the price of a fully working on one on Ebay. I am willing to do it if its my only option but if I did that I would also want to reprogram the Serial Number and any other bit of info from the old board to the new board. What can  I do at this point? I want to use this machine and I know i can upgrade this machine as googling I see there is a free M.2 Slot in the computer. Please can someone help me locate a replacement DC port or one that is similar that will work.

25gb ssd problem

Hello, I am using Lenovo y50-70 laptop it has a 25gb ssd hard drive which i think it is for booting but when i installed Windows 10 all of the 25gb of  ssd drive are set to be for storing not for booting.

I don’t know much about that but i’ll be glad if someone help me!

Thank you

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