Forgotten my security pin in vibe P1 please help me without erasing personal data

I’ve been using this P1 vibe phone for over an year and for these past six months I’ve been facing a lot of issues like network connection , finger print sensor is not working, and got Strucked on lenovo logo while re-starting and I’m now facing biggest of all I’ve forgotten my security pin and it’s a 4 digit combination and I partially remember the sequence but not the exact sequence and pin Ive tried many times and I’m in the stage now at "try after 240sec" what should I do Please help me as soon as possible because I’ve been using my phone in secure zone for 4 days … So please understand my susituati and help me

T460p riddled with issues (which other model's keyboard compatible with T460p)


This post consists of rant as well as seeking a solution because with these cheap Chinese products, one cannot accept quality. More so with Lenovo.

To begin with:

I purchased this laptop T460p in 2016 . For almost 10 months it worked fine.


Then one fine day it refused to boot up. Tried removing the battery, power-recycling by pressing the power button for 30 secs etc. but nothing worked. It did not even show the Lenovo-splash screen or the option to go to BIOS.
The system power light would glow, fan would be working indicating that something wrong went with the display.
Tried connecting to an external display, but even that did not work.

I was in India at that time.
It being under warranty, sent it to the service centre in US. When they powered it up at the service centre, it booted up to the desktop. Still they decided to keep it under observation. Finally they concluded that motherboard need to be replaced. Then started the ordeal.

Motherboard was replaced. I was told that new motherboard had warranty for only 2 months(strange).
At the same time, the technician damaged the keyboard, so replaced it too.

But it seems like the headphone jack was not connected properly.
On receving the laptop, we did not check if the headphne jack was working or not. The system speakers were working fine though.

A month later when i tried using the headphone, to my horror realised that the headphones were not working.
Tried all solutions from driver update etc but nothing worked. Tried other headphones but none of them worked. Same headphones worked in other laptop. So finally concluded it to be again a h/w issue. Called up Lenovo support in India and provide them all the details of the repair done on the laptop. They refused to honour the 2 months warranty.

Had to purchase a bluetooth headphone as a workaround. Continued using the laptop.


3 months later, the keyboard stopped working.(Did they replce it with a refurbished one earlier ?)


As the warranty had already expired, took it to an third party repair centre. They told that keyboard needs to be changed. They repaird the headphone jack issue and told that it was just not screwed to the motherboard. I am not sure if the jack is screwed or soldered. Either way, it shows the incompetency of Lenovo serivce guys and its quality.

Now I am stuck with using an external keyboard as T460p keyboard is not avaialble in India.

Any suggestions, if any other models keyboard is compatible with T460p (it’s fine if it is not backlit).


2 days back, another issue started coming. I am afraid this again might turn to be a h/w issue. All of a sudden, the system froze with colourd horizonatal lines across the screen.
Did a power cycle, and restarted the ssytem. It got stuck after Lenovo-splash screen with same coloured line on the screen,.
Got fedup and just kept it aside. A day later, turned it ON and this time it booted properly to the desktop with proper display.
I am afraid, this might be another h/w issue which may come up again.

Really fed up of Lenovo. Never ever in my life going to buy another Lenovo nor would I recommend anyone.
Post Lenovo buy of IBM, quality has gone down the drain. It’s just another cheal chinese product.


If you have reached this far, Thanks for reading. Please do suggest the available options for keyboard. Just trying to delay my purchase of new laptop as I am short of vitamin-M





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Driver needed – Installation of Windows 10 – X1 Yoga 3rd gen

Hello, I try to install Windows 10 from a successful booted Windows 10 USB pen drive. The setup starts and at the point where I have to choose a drive for installting windows on, I get a driver needed window. It does not exactly state which driver it needs for what. I guess, it’s a driver for nvme. But on the lenovo drivers page are only exe files. I have no windows installed anywhere. Only Linux. Where do I get the drivers needed for installation from??? x1 yoga 3rd gen type 20LE-S01W00

wrong dolby logo printed in my laptop

the dolby logo is printed wrongly in my lenovo ideapad 330 laptop. is my laptop original or duplicate. anyone having ideapad 330? please reply me

Frequent BIOS update request for an Ideapad 320 – 15IKB

Good evening everyone,


My 15IKB has been requesting every now and then consent to install a BIOS update. It’s written on almost every wall in the internet that BIOS updates must only be made when really necessary, otherwise that’s just an unnecessary and big risk to take. Reading the changelog for the version the system is asking to install I couldn’t see anything really concerning on the reliability of my system, so I guess this may not be worth the call.


Am I right? Should I update the BIOS as asked despite it being against the common good practices?



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