Hi Guys
i’ve got the legion Y530 yesterday and i like it but just have few questions
the temp of the cpu in Idle is 45:50 C is that normal?
also the store i bought the the laptop from says that it has 144hz Panel
and this is the infromation from HWINFO
i think the 152 Mhz is the frequency of the monitor but when i try to change it from the display settings, i find one option of 60hz

intermediate wifi loss

I posted this issue in the other thread about wifi issues to get the update, but since the update I have issues where the wifi connection drops for no reason. You can unplug it and plug it back in and it fixes the issue but a) thats annoying and b) it happens like 3 times a day. Does anyone have this issue or is it just me? Again, I have seen the issue about new customers cant connect to wifi, but I have had this for a while and havent had this issue since update….thanks

Y50-70 stats by SN

I’m new here. 
Is there a way to get laptop stats by SN? Especially I am interested in my laptops GTX 960m video memory. In dxdiag it shows 2gb, but I am sure that video cards memory must be 4gb.

upgrade ram ddr4

 hi , hope you doing well


i need to know how can i buy new ram for my laptop 

how can i search about it ?





please excuse my basic english 🙂


Can I upgrade my Lenovo G40-80's screen to 1080p?

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