Error message when trying to download app

I have a clean install of C940. Tried to install Lenovo Utility, but got error message.

have tried everything without any luck so far.


Any solutions?

X1 Carbon 7th Generation G7 – Trackpad Lags / Delays

Whenever I touch the touchpad, there is a small delay before the trackpad starts working. This is the exact same problem encountered on the 6th generation of X1 carbon, as noted here:


They noted it was due to an over agressive optimization by Intel Display Driver, and the solution was to right click on the desktop, go to Intel Graphics Settings" -> "Power" -> Disable all four options (Power Saving, Refresh Rate Switching ect).


However, on the 7th generation of X1 carbon, I don’t have an option to go to the Intel Graphics Setting via right click. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks in advance, this has been driving me crazy

B50-30 (Touch) All-in-One (Lenovo) Win 10 upgrade?

I have a B50-30 (Touch) All-in-One (Lenovo) – Type F0AU that I want to upgrade to Windows 10 (currently on Win 8.1 Home). I see Lenovo has Win 10 drivers for it so it’s supported but wanted to post here to see if anyone’s upgraded that model recently? I see some older posts from 2018 that there was a BIOS issue but wondering if that was still the case?


I need an image

I have an X260 laptop. The SSD died. Lenovo will replace the drive. Problem is the drive is empty. I need an image that I can load onto the drive to get the OS, drivers, and Lenovo software. I’ve been unable to find any way to contact Lenovo. I put in my serial number and the site tells me it’s not valid. Geez, I read it right off the label. The case number for the SSD replacement is #409K46D. HELP WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT THIS?

Brand New Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 – already got Blue Screened

Today was my first day working from home, and I bought the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 for this. I was scrolling a website earlier today and my screen went black. I could still hear Spotify playing. Eventually it redirected to the blue error screen.



What failed: dxgmms2.sys


So I Googled that… which led me to thinking perhaps my driver needed updated for some reason. Bopped over to Intel (this computer has an i5 8th gen) and tried to do some updates and then I got an error message, saying:


The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Obtain the appropriate driver from the computer’s manufacturer. Setup will exit.


So now… not sure what to do here. Will this happen again? Do I send this computer back and spend the cash to get something better? I’m a graphic designer, for reference, so I’m a graphics-heavy user.


Thanks all…

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