crack in my screen

i woke up this morning to find that my screen has cracks in it.  i don’t know how it happened but…

i laptop is a thinkpad x201 tablet with a touch screen.  my question is should i look for (ebay) any x201 tablet screen or do i need to find the screen specific to my laptop?  i know that this is an old machine but other than the cracked screen it suits me fine.  thanks for any info you can provide.

Keyboard registering 2 entries when pressed. Can't log in



so my T440s keyboard is registering two entries instead of one or even the wrong entry for at least these letters and numbers on the left side of the keyboard  S,D,E,2,&3.  The problem is now I can’t login to my keyboard as some of the letters are part of my password.


I went and bought a cheap keyboard at Target and it does not register when I plug it in. I don’t know what to do.


I tried backspacing each time I see a double letter but it still says wrong password which makes me wonder if it is registering two different letters/numbers also.

Thinkpad X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) Stuck at Black Screen After Enabling "Thunderbolt BIOS Assist"

System Specifications:

– X1 Yoga (Gen 3) with i7-8650U and 16GB RAM

– BIOS Version: 1.19

– EC Version: 1.08


Hello, exactly one week ago, I changed enabled "Thunderbolt BIOS Assist" in the BIOS to support Linux.  Following this, the system refused to boot to anything but a black screen.  Thus, I sent the machine in for depot repair.  I just received the machine back again today and the same thing occurred after enabling the same setting.  After a long series of calls, I was told that no one is authorized to report BIOS bugs and that I should post here instead.  I sincerely hope this is fixed, as this is a major error that required a motherboard replacement previously and will most likely require one again.  I have started a new ticket for this repair and will be receiving a box tomorrow.  However, I wanted to make sure this is passed along to someone who can fix this error.


Replacement Power Cable/brick for Yoga 710-15IKB

Hi friends!


The power cable/adapter/brick on my 710-15IKB is starting to go. Has anyone bought a replacement that they really like? I’m always skeptical of buying a replacement power adapter on eBay, since you don’t really know who made it. I’ll pay more for a good one that I know won’t fry my machine.



Intel HM86 chipset on legion Y720

Hi everyone; I’m new here

so as i was planning on buying a new legion Y720 laptop and i found out that it has a HM86 chipset on it and as i understand it doesn’t support PCIe v3 x16 so i’m afraid that it would be holding off the gpu this way (i guess it would be x8 and this way much less bandwidth) also will that be an issue for the SSD and a potential upgrade?

Any advice or clarification would be welcome here


PS: I’m a bit noob at this stuff so please bear with me

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