Notebook: IdeaPad 330s i7 4GB+16GB (81JN0006BR)


O notebook foi para a garantia e trocaram a placa mãe inteira. Isos já faz alguns meses…..tudo certo até aí (foi para a garantia, pois em um belo dia ele nã quis mais ligar, não dava sinal algum de vida).


Agora a pouco, o computador estava com 58% de bateria (coloquei no modo de conservação de bateria 60%). Como a energia aqui em casa caiu, fiquei mais 15 minutos com a máquina ligada (modo de conservação de energia) e posteriormente a desliguei (desconectei carregador da tomada). 

Ocorre que a energia foi reestabelecida em 20 minutos. Desta maneira, pluguei o carregador novamente na tomada e para minha surpresa a beteria estava apenas com 6% de carga! 


Infelizmente não tenho como confiar no IdeaPad 330S, pois não sei se ele irá ligar com o carregador fora da tomada!


Alguém está passando ou passou por isso? Alguém da Lenovo pode esclarecer o que está havendo?


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Notebook: IdeaPad 330s i7 4GB+16GB (81JN0006BR)


The notebook went to the warranty and replaced the entire motherboard. Isos already a few months ….. all right until then (it was for the guarantee, because one day he did not want to call, did not give any sign of life).


Now, the computer was at 58% battery life (I put it in 60% battery conservation mode). As the energy here at home fell, I stayed another 15 minutes with the machine on (energy conservation mode) and then turned it off (unplugged charger). 

The energy was reestablished in 20 minutes. In this way, I  plugged the charger back into the outlet and to my surprise the battery was only 6% charged! 


Unfortunately I can not trust the IdeaPad 330S because I do not know if it will connect with the charger out of the wall socket!


Is someone going through it? Can someone at Lenovo clarify what’s going on?


Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen touchscreen not working, Pen touch is OK.

Recently My x1 yoga 2nd touchscreen not working with hand, working perfectly with pen. I update all the drivers with Lenovo Vantage and updated to latest windows 10 version (1809), I disable and enable the touchscreen drivers and loaded with safemode, changed back to Tabelet mode, they all did not work.


From Device manager, everything seems ok and use Vantage to scan and they are all OK.


Lenovo recommend to take a reset (not done). Lenovo’s vantage say all the drivers are updated and Easy Driver still detect 29 more drivers to be updated (not done).


are there 2 control modulars, one for pen touch (OK), the other for hand touch (not OK)? is this issue is hardware issue or software issue? waiting for professional advice?


Thanks a lot


Lenovo G570 Laptop (43343QM) Second Drive keeps disappearing in BIOS (and in Windows)

Dear all


I have a G570 (43343QM) Laptop and I use an SSD drive as my main System Drive and a 1TB HDD in a caddy in place of the CD-ROM as a storage area. I am using Win 10 64bit (BIOS ver PIWG1)

Every now and then (more often than seldomly) my 2nd HDD drive does not appear either in BIOS nor (as it logically shouldn’t) in the Windows 10. Restarting does not fix the issue. It only pops up again in BIOS and in Windows randomly every xyz-times. 

Any ideas please?


Help with a new Hard Drive

I’ve got a Thinkpad T42.  I bought a 40gb ide drive off ebay and would like to install xp on the hard drive.  Usually I can just put the Xp cd rom in the tray and it will automatically format the drive and install xp.  This new drive is not doing that.  The xp disk gets to the point where it should install but gives a NO FIXED DISK PRESENT error.  I’m not sure if I have to do something to the disk first or if I’m doing something wrong.  Would appreciate help getting going.

Lenovo Y700 keyboard problem

The "P" key on my keyboard doesn’t work when pressed, sometimes the letter "P" appears continuously without pressing the button, and the backlit button on the numpad blinking, is this a problem with the keyboard? or is there another problem? I plan to buy a replacement keyboard and install it by myself, my warranty has expired.

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