The Ryzen Pros in the A485 are qualified for ECC support. Can Lenovo enable this support in a BIOS update? 16GB ECC SODIMMs (Lenovo # 4X70Q27989) are recognised by the system but there’s no option in the BIOS to enable ECC.

About updates of Lenovo K8 plus

Hi, As I see in the Android upgrade roadmap that Lenovo k8 plus remian on Android 8.0.

   So Lenovo k8 plus does not get any further update to solve issues after updating Android 8.0

       Please reply.


anyone pls tell me the price of Lenovo Z2 Plus battery in India. 

Ideapad 330s- Why is it so hard to find reviews

I’m looking at buying a new laptop for school and personal use. The specs and price point seem good on this laptop but I can’t find many reviews from consumers who have actually used the laptop. It sounds like the battery doesn’t hold a great charge and it’s a bit on the heavier side – Reviews from larger websites peg it as a good buy- but there is very little chatter about it on webforums.

What gives?

L580 & L480 – Packet Loss with Cisco AnyConnect (Fibocom L830-EB)

Hello Community.

New user here.


We are experiencing problems with the new L series with WWAN (Fibocom L830-EB) when it connects to Cicso AnyConnect.

I’ve spent many hours twisting my head to figure out what is wrong.


I have attached some pingtest so you can see what happens.

I have two troubleshooting scenarios.



L580 running Windows 10 Pro 1709

Microsoft approved driver 10.0.16299.98

Fibocom Sensor driver 3.17134.0.6


L580 running Windows 10 Pro 1803

Microsoft approved driver 10.0.17134.1

Fibocom Sensor driver



What I have tried:

Installing Microsoft driver 10.0.16299.98 on the 1803 (rollback driver) didn’t work. (Which I thought would have been a solution, since it works with VPN on 1709)


Updating Firmware (L830-EB_FWUpdateTool_18300.1002.

Uinstalling Antivirus (Symantec)

Install latest Fibocom driver

Install (anyconnect-win-4.6.03049-core-vpn-predeploy-k9)


I am out of ideas at this point. 


Regards, Mark


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