[X1 Carbon 2nd Gen] Where can I buy adaptive keys replacement? 20A7 / 20A8

As the title already mentioned, my wife’s thinkpad x1 carbon 2nd gen adaptive row keys starts to look like the liquid part is evaporating. Where can I buy the replacement for the unit in question? Appreciate any answer. Thanks 

USB not working on ThinkPad Pro Docking Station (T480)



all USB ports on docking station seems to be not working (Mouse/Keyboard… etc). I have 2 same docking station, both have same issue, so problem may be more propably in laptop (or drivers). But i updated everything…




Model: ThinkPad T480 Product Key: 20L50002MC S/N: * Windows 10 64bit, Version 1803 BIOS: N24ET43W 1.18



Model: ThinkPad Pro Docking Stations Type: 40AH S/N: *


Any ideas?


Moderator edit by bananaman: Masked serial number to prevent mischief.

lenovo ideacentre 700-25ish memory upgrade new question 2018

installed crucial 16gb stick or RAM and its all the same specs as the stock 8gb Samsung that it came with except it is 16gb. it works for a while then it crashes. I only have one DIMM slot that works so no need to trouble shoot that part. that is why i got a 16gb stick insteasd of going with 2 or 4 8gb sticks. it reads it properly for a while but then blue screen shut down. I really need more than the 8gb so need this to work somehow. 


Any Lenovo techs have an idea on this?  again, the RAM is not faulty. it is something with the motherboard or at the moment. 



Y530 M.2 NVME SSD not running on full speed

I have removed my intel optane 16GB and replaced it with Adata XPG SX8200 480GB, everything is running fine except the read speed is capped at 2000MB/s. Is there any setting that I missed out on Bios that I can check it the M.2 slot is running PCIe 3 x 4


Edited : 2MB/s to 2000MB/s

LENOVO TS P510 30B5 – fan issue



As my otherwise trusted P510 shuts down, the powersupply fan spins up to 100%, then down to almost idle (you can feel and hear the fan working) even if the wordstations has shut down. Is this a hardware problem ? or a wrong setting somewhere. Hope you can help me.

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