Updates on the dark side expansion!?

Does anyone else keep checking their App Store at the edge of their seats waiting and hoping to see SWJC has an update?!


I keep opening my game hoping it’ll have new content like when you’re hungry and keep checking the fridge hoping to finally see something tasty pop up on the shelf.


I’ve heard conflicting timelines of when the dark side expansion will come out.  Wanted to know if anyone else has heard or has a more concrete date??  In the mean time I’ll be trying to beat the Archavist on the second encounter….



Serial number issue within BIOS

Hi y’all!


I’m new to this, has never had time for forums or the need..

My daughter’s laptop was stolen, but fortunately retrieved a week after.


its an U410 Model 20170, I changed HDD to an SSD and installed Win10pro on it. 


One thing I have noticed, my laptops serial number is changed in BIOS, i.e. originally the serial was read QB0XXXXX8882, now it reads xxxxxxxxxxx8882A3OK and since Future Shop ser the laptop up, I have now idea what BIOS password is, After I put it wrong 3 times it just locks up with message : error. System Lock. It’s a wonderful machine with an SSD, but after installing Win10Pro my mSATA 20 Gb drive is no longer showing, I guess because the raid setting isn’t on?


any and all suggestions would be appreciated



X1E second drive encryption

If the boot drive encyrption on an X1E 9and any Thinkpad I guess) is enabled using a bios HDD password, how is hardware encyption handled on a second NVMe drive (in this case a Samsing 970 Evo)? Will the bios password also encrypt that drive, too, or is some other configuration needed?

Ideapad 330-15ARR optical disc whitelist?

I was thinking about upgrading my disc drive sometime in the future. Is there a whitelist in the BIOS that would prevent thris from happening? I know there is a whitelist in the BIOS if you want to upgrade certain items in the system sometimes. If not whwere would i find information on what size the ODD drive in this machine uses in mm height?

Legion y720 intel hd 630 (driver?) problem



My legion y720 has over the past month or so faced a couple of crashes. 3 in total, I believe.


Twice this happened while I was watching videos in chrome – both times seemingly when I had twitch.tv open in one tab, and was watching some reddit videos/webms in another.


The other crash was when I was watching a very (VERY!) high def video in VLC.


However, way more common are these little micro ‘crashes’ that happen while I’m watching videos in chrome. Like, the intel hd graphics driver crashes and resets, causing the video to go black/green and then return to normal. Sometimes accompanied by a screen ‘flash’ (like the kind you get when installing graphics drivers).


At first I tried installing the latest generic drivers from intel, but that didn’t help. Then I tried uninstalling some programs that had their own drivers/services (spybot search&destroy, super anti-spyware), but that didn’t solve it either. Then I completely uninstalled the drivers and the device, and had windows install drivers automatically. That didn’t fix it either.


Finally, I did a clean install of the latest drivers provided on the lenovo support site.


Currently, the crashing SEEMS to have stopped (knock on wood). But I do still get those micro crashes, where videos will crash and go black/green before resetting.


I am a little worried that it might be a hardware problem. But then.. if that were the case, wouldn’t it also cause artifacts? that doesn’t happen.

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