P52 Stays at max clock speed on AC when idle

Speedstep is enabled in bios. Windows is set to Balanced power profile. As long as my computer is plugged in, the clock speed stays at 3.9-4 Ghz and won’t clock down at idle. If I run on battery, it clocks up and down depending on task like it should. Any ideas?

Tab 4 8 Plus – No auto reconnection for Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Just got a really nice BT Logitech keyboard (K480) & mouse. They paired easily and I am fairly sure the next day when I went to use them, they were still connected. However all that is changed and now if I leave the tablet the bluetooth switches off and will not automatically reconnect when I hit a key on kb or move mouse.


I now have to go to Settings and switch bluetooth back on and press the pairing button on both the devices and then they will pair again. This is a real pita and surely cannot be normal. I did find an app called Bluetooth Auto Connect but it does nothing !


Has anyone had this problem or heard about it ?

Also, does anyone know if it is most likely caused by:

the kb/mouse

or the tablet

or Android ?

or they all hate each other 😉


Many thanks for any info 

IdeaPad 330S 15ARR NVME Drive Upgrade

Just bought an IdeaPad 300S 15ARR with the Ryzen 7 for what seems like a good deal, but I can’t leave well enough alone.  My model shipped with the 1TB HDD, but I see it has a NVME M.2 slot available.  If I create a Windows 10 recovery drive on a thumb drive can I use that to do a fresh install of Windows on the blank SSD?

Legion Y520 Want to move Windows 10 to newly installed SSD. Help?

Hi all, I have a Legion Y520, and I want to move my Winows 10 from the HDD to a newly installed blank SSD. Is there a standard procedure for this? The standard HDD on this laptop is just too slow to be used as a boot drive but I really don’t want to mess up moving Windows 10 over.


The SSD I bought is a Samsung NVMe 960 EVO M.2, if that matters. Thanks for your help!

XClarity Raid 0 Configuration, ST550 error



We configure a simple RAID 0 in ST550, xclarity 1.3, and we got error, why?


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