Invalid input in Lenovo k8 plus 4gb ram mobile

"invalid input" icon showing for every 1 to 2 min in my Lenovo k8 plus mobile what should I do for resolving this issue. Pls tell me. Thank you.

Y520 Touchpad stops working when trying to play a game

I am having an Issue with my new Lenovo Y520. When I am trying to play a game with my touchpad when ever I hit any buttons on the keyboard the touchpad will stop working but after about a second it will work again. I know this is due to the Palmtracking option. I set it to minimum but it is still preventing me from using the touchpad. Does anyone know how to disable it?

Error in application in Lenovo k8 plus 4gb ram

My Lenovo k8 plus 4gb ram mobile  showing icon "error in application" for every 1 to 2 min , pls help me to resolve this issue. In icon sim symbol in it. Thank you.


Incipio offGRID™ Power Pack not charging on Moto Z XT1650

Move top Moto Z board

Screen goes out and keybord doesn't response, and laptop restarting issue

Ideapad 700-15isk. It started after i installed nvidia drivers at the second day after buying, but it wasn’t so often that’s why i ignored this issue. It happens at random time during laptop using. Screen just turns into black, keybord doesn’t responding, and if there was a sound it just loops. Only hard reset helps. 
And the second problem which started about 3 days ago – it’s just random reboot while laptop is closed and for example downloads something. This problem appears only when laptop is closed, minidumps doesn’t appears.

When the first issue happens event log contains two kernel power critical errors in a row. The first is Kernel-Power 41 (63) and the second is Kernel-Power 142(173). And during the second issue log contain only one Kernel-Power 41(63).
Also i tried to turn off descrete 950m and issue №1 dissapeared, after that i tried to turn it on, and update nvidia drivers, and got 2 issues with black screen in a row. Help please!

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