M90N Nano having intermittent download speed issues

I ordered 4 M90N nano computers for my business, of which two have shipped/arrived. One is working flawlessly. The other has an intermittent issue where it absolutely kills the download speeds.  We have gigabit fiber optic internet, and usually run 500 mbps minimum up and down.


When it is acting up, it only allows 0.15 mbps, but a normal upload of around 800 mpbs.  I have tried running the trouble shooter in Win 10 Network, I have swapped out the ethernet cord, I have triedd it on 5 different walljacks and it consistently happens no matter what.  The other M90N works fine on all of the above.


So what do I need to do to get the computer to stop limiting the download speed?



Thinkpad T470 Second battery does not charge

Hi there,


I’m using a Thinkpad T470. The detachable battery of my device is not charging anymore. In the battery overview, it shows 0 % charge while the main battery is fully charged. This leads to a total charge of 60%. Also, the battery light next to where the ac cable is plugged in does not light up when the device has reached 60% charge. My OS is ubuntu 18.04.


Any help is highly appreciated!


Kind regards,

Yoga screen brightness/flickering

Hi I have a Yoga 720 15ikb that survived a motorcycle crash a while back. It still works very well but I’ve noticed 2 issues.

1 – The screen has a slight flicker in brightness

2 – The battery doesn’t last as long as it should (System estimated 2 hours on 50% brightness, nothing running aside AV, steam, audio, etc)

I opened the back panel and did a cursory check and didn’t notice any bad connections or damaged parts (aside from the damaged case). I’ve seen some people have problems with adaptive brightness causing a flicker but I can’t find any setting for that on the computer. I checked the drivers and ran Lenovo’s driver scan but no updates. As far as the battery goes, I’ve had the laptop for about a year and a half and while I know the battery loses capacity over time but this seems too low.

Any help is much appreciated, laptop is out of warranty but I am very comfortable working on it myself. Thanks 

Lenovo k6 note 50% battery stuck

Hello, i replaced my lenovo k6 note battery by myself. But now doesn’t matter what i do the charge is 50%.

Someone know how to fix that?  

R61 bluetooth not found after installing windows 10



I updated my Windows to Windows 10 long time ago, didn’t notice my bluetooth isn’t working. Recently I got a wireless earphone and tried to connect it, but it’s showing that there is no bluetooth in it! And I have used bluetooth on this device in the old days back when I had Vista. 


Please tell me how to fix this! I tried so many different things, but nothing is working out.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance. 

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