cant update

hello everyone from greece .i have a lenovo

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10F 7" WiFi

i d for the last 1.5 years what can i do .the recent update is T2-A7-10F_S000045_151211_ROW

3rd ThinkPad, 3rd Battery Issue, 2nd Depot Return

I’m supporting T460s and T560s for my job and in the last month have had 3 battery issues occur out of no where. I’m using Windows 10 64-bit. I’d like to find a solution from the forums or at least a way to find what is causing this so I can plan for other laptops to go bad. 


In the last month, I’ve dealt with 3 Thinkpads that have had a sudden change of heart about finding Battery #2. Nothing special happened. I booted, looked at the system information to see if this one has the specs to setup for a specific user and BAM – "Battery 2 not found". I was really hoping to get this all setup and out to a user who’s using a 5 year old laptop. 


I’ve ran Lenovo’s System Update; I’ve updated Windows; I’ve downloaded the Power Management software from Lenovo yet still this battery is not found. I took it apart to ensure the battery was seated correctly. I re-imaged it from an image from last summer. Nothing. 


Are these faulty batteries? Does that battery recall need to be expanded again? Is it the Motherboard? Is this a string of bad luck? How do I identify what the cause is? I refuse to believe this is coincidence. 

SL500 Freezing and Power Light On but no display

Hello there,

I’m trying to revive an old SL500. I have two problems.
I need help. If it works, we won’t need the new laptop.
1. Problem: When the Power Button is pressed, the light does not appear on the screen.
Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Usually he takes Ram out of a plug, or he changes a slot.
Let’s say it has improved; After passing this stage;
2. Problem;
Any screen freezes, Locking.
Sometimes it freezes after opening, sometimes when opening, sometimes in the BIOS. Freezing time is changing.
3 min, sometimes 5min.2 days ago 24 hours worked without errors. win 10 Board. There freezing in the POST screen.


The same problem persisted despite what I did;


-CPU,GPU Thermal Putty Refurbishment (Noctua NT-H1)

-HDD Replacement
-RAM Replacement (Memtest86 test was successful, but I changed it)

-Power Adapter Replacement
– Canceling hardware one by one (Keyboard, Palm rest, bluetooth, DVD-Rw)
-I just didn’t cancel the wifi card. (The screws were tight)














































ideapad 330 15 arr – problem with keyboard.

My ctrl+shift+o and ctrl+shift+l combination are not working.

Can you guys just check it here  and confirm me whether everyone is facing the same issue or is it just me?



RAM compatibility for T560

Hello I just bought new RAM for my Lenovo T560 (20FH). It’s kit 2x 8 GB SODIMM DDR3 PC12800 1600 MHz RAM. On all possbile web pages I can see it’s compatible with my laptop. However, when I tried to install it, I can hear only beeps. Beeps are 1-3-3-1 and according to manual, it means Memory problem. My currently installed RAM is similar, but only 800 MHz. Anybody has idea what can be wrong that my new RAM is not working? Does that mean that I can install only 800 MHz RAM to my slot?

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