who had T580 for a bit – any ragrets? would you still buy it?

so i’m thinking about getting one.

i wonder if there are any hidden flaws i should know about 


or just your general thoughts about one


thanks in advance

No signal to 2nd monitor when laptop lid is open – ThinkPad P50 and Ultra Dock 40A5

When the P50 is docked with the lid closed, my two Dell 23" monitors (P2317H) connected via  2 Display Ports both recieve a signal from the dock.


When the lid is opened, one monitor will lose signal.


I have updated the Nvidia driver on the P50, as well as the firmware on the dock, which did not resolve the issue.  I have also tested this with a differnt P50, dock, monitors, and cables with the same result.


OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Hardware: Lenovo ThinkPad P50, Lenovo ThinkPad Ultra Dock 40A2, Dell 23" Monitors P2317H


Ideapad 330s-15ikb Migrate OS to NVMe PCIe SSD

About to take delivery of an Ideapad 330s-15ikb. I have ordered a Samsung MZVLW256HEHP PM961 256GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD – OEM to replace the Optane.


My question is how best to migrate the OS, after I disable and remove the Optane.


I’ve read that the SSD is not supported by Samsung Magician migration tool as it is an OEM SSD.


Should I:


1. Use Mini-tools Partition Manager (or similar) to Clone the HDD over to the SSD. If yes do I then need to change boot order in BIOS, or does the cloning operation make that change.


2. Create a Recovery USB, either by downloading from Lenovo or creating locally. Then use this to install fresh copy of factory OS on the SSD. Will the recovery USB allow me to do this? Will the fact that the factory OS expects to see Optane cause an issue?


3. Create a Windows 10 Install USB, use that for a fresh install on the SSD, then download drivers and utilities from Lenovo. If yes should I remove the HDD, or with the install ask which drive the OS should be installed on?

How can I recover my Windows , together with Lenovo initial software?

Hi. The laptop I am having is Thinkpad x250, bought 3 years ago, the warranty has expired. A few days ago I was feeling lagged, I reinstalled the system, but I installed a wrong version of Windows and messed up things. I wanted to reinstall everything and found that I had nothing, no DVD, no USB. 


I tried to create a recovery USB stick but on the page of Lenovo. After entering my serial number, it returned with the following message.


Thank you for contacting Lenovo Recovery Media Support.


We have reviewed your device and found that your device is not compatible to be able to place a recovery media order via our online systems.


In addition, your device seems to be out of warranty. For devices out of warranty there are only limited help functionalities available


The best option is for you to browse our forums for potential solution and  by looking up Lenovo eSupport ( support.lenovo.com )


In some cases you can order the product and chose to pay for it because the device is out of warranty. If you would prefer this, please contact the appropriate phone number from the list below


Pull the appropriate Phone numbers for the corresponding country from Contact Us web page found under "Phone Support List" in support.lenovo.com



Now I’d like to know


1. What should I do now?


2. Can I still recover the machine like new with the preinstalled software of Lenovo?


3. I know I have the license of Windows 8.1 when I first purchased the machine. Where can I get back the product key for reinstallation? I am not sure but I believe that it’s an OEM version of Windows 8.1 because I don’t have a box set.


Many thanks for all help! !




Have this issue hitting at least 10 of our machines so far and it is growing.  M710Qs on W10 Ent 64 Bit.  Started happening about 2 weeks ago, and I don’t think any updates hit the machines.  The main profiles on the PC are the ones causing the most problems.  As soon as they log in they BSOD.  Deleting the profile entierly solved the issue but that was only a temp solution.


Now I am running full drivers updates (especially the chipset as this error seems to most commonly be a problem with the CPU), but was wondwering if anyone else had run into this issue?  Any insight would be awesome, thank you.

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