V310-15ikb M2 sata SSD dont boot OS



I have a v310 laptop with 1 tb HDD and plextor px-256s3g m2 SSD. I tryed install win10 64 bit to m2 ssd. After restart i see error message:


file: bootbcd

status: 0xc0000e9

info: an unexpected i/o error has occurred.


I set uefi, legacy mode in bios. secure boot on/off.


I tryed install 1 tb hdd. work good all set.

Thinkstation P500 and Intel 760P M2 NVMe SSD compatablity

I was wondering if the Intel 760P is supported on the P500 with M2 SSD Flex adaptor.

Changing Boot Order in BIOS ThinkPad X1 Extreme ?

New at this and need assistance if possible….


Installing a new SSD (taking out the current and starting fresh only), and for the life of me I cannot get into the Bios anymore using the F-12 key, nor the F-1 key.  I was able before, but it was hit and miss using the F-12 key. At times I would see a message during boot up that I would need to hit the Enter Key that would get me into the Bios but that didn’t show up at each boot up.  If I wanted to install this new drive, taking out the other one, how would I get into the bios to change the boot order ?



Hope I was somewhat clear.  Anyone can assist ?  Thank You so very much





How to add Volume control button in Wide Touch (Floating button) Option?

How to add Volume control button in Wide Touch (Floating button) Option? My Slots are full, so no add option.


Also, in that add option menu (when add button was available) i didt saw option for volume control.

Lenovo Problems

 5 days back I got one ota update for k8+ ,


1. Battery taking 4 hours to fully charge.

2 . Network is not stable.

3. proximity/light sensor not working.

4. Battery draining very first.

5. Not supporting the idea/ Vodafone /Airtel volte.


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