Thunderbold 3 is missing from device manager and cannot get updated(x1 carbon 5th)


I’m using X1 carbon 5th and Thunderbolt ports are not working at all.


So I tried to reinstall TB3 firmware and 

when installing the thunderbolt firmware update utility I receive the following error:


"No active Thunderbolt(TM) controller found in the system or Thunderbolt software is not present in the system. Make sure you have Thunderbolt software installed. Then connet Thunderbolt device and press OK to retry or cancel to abort firmware update process."


Of course, I uninstalled and re-installed the thunderbolt software several times and it did not solve issues.

I also pressed reset button several times and it won’t help.


now the TB3 is missing from device manager and I cannot use my usb-c port including my USB-C dock.

TB3 controller driver is also missing.


Please help..


Ps: I tried this thred ( but due to controller driver is missing, firmware could not be updated.


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However, on every reboot illumination is turned off by default so every time the machine reboots i have to hit fn+space to turn it on again.

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What’s going on?

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