Question about Lenovo K5 Play Global Version firmware updates


1. Hello I bought Lenovo K5 Play Global Version (Android version: 8.0.0; Android security patch level: July 1, 2018; Current Lenovo System Version: 3.7.255 ST) Are You going to update Android version to 8.1 or 9.0? How about newer Android security patches? 


2. By the way, how I can contact Lenovo by email? When I write IMEI, it showing No product…

Odd install on my ThinkPad 25

Today I discovered an installation of AbiWord on my ThinkPad 25. It is in the C:Program Files (x86) folder.


I did not install this program. In fact, it’s very much hidden as it does not appear on the Start menu. It’s not even the current version, but v. 2.9.4.


I just set up this ThinkPad two weeks ago, and it was sealed in the box when I got it.


Is AbiWord installed automatically on ThinkPads? Or perhaps another program that I installed included it. If so, there was no notice of this.


Anyway, I thought I’d mention it in case anyone knew of an obvious answer. Thanks.

K410 wont boot from SSD drive

My old HDD took a poop, so I replaced it with a new Corsair MX500 SSD drive.  The motherboard is a Lenovo CIH61MI v1.1  

I created a boot installation via USB drive and installed windows 10 on the SSD with no problems.  Near the end of the install process required a restart, which it did successfully and loaded up into windows just fine (via the SSD drive, I removed the USB).  I installed a web browser, microsoft office, and visual studio.  I had to do another restart after this, so I did.  

Immediately after the "Lenovo" logo and prior to loading windows I receive the error message "b1 initialize library failed 0xc0000bb"  

I’ve been looking around online and it seems as if it has something to do with settings in my BIOS.  I’ve been changing settings around, but have not been able to figure out what the issue is.  

I’ve also tried to set the BIOS back to its defaults.  That causes my SSD not to be recognized as a bootable device (although the drive will still be recognized within the BIOS) so that didn’t work.  

Here are some images of the different screens within my BIOS.  


[System Summary](  


[Boot Sequence](


Hello, i bought a lenovo k5 pro from China, although i have specificied that i wanted the Firmware untouched, they installed the globlal version, probably is not the ROW, because i see an updated phone with the Motorola logo in tha back and has zui 5.0.1XX, the version i have is zui 5.0.066 st, and supposedly i can update, buy it says there’s any update available, also i have check china lenovo official club, and the zui version there is zui 5.0.163. So my question here is, could I install the zui 5.0.163 ROM in safely in my phone?, I have the qualcomm flash tool with its last update installed in my pc. And also have downloaded the zui 5.0.163 ROM from Chinnese lenovo official club. But I’m new in doing this with a lenovo phone. I have make flash with an old LG years ago, and all went well. I only install original firmware provide by the manufacturer of the phone. Could i change from the global version to original version safely using this flash [Removed]? aslo what are the steps i need to do for that?. I have see the ROM firmware, that has Chinnese and English language only, i use English language always, and i like it a lot. Also, how could i validate my phone number in (chinnese lenovo official club), so i could post and make reply in the club?, please, because i have tried to enter my phone number and it rejected the number, my phone number is an American one. Thanks in advance.


Brand new Thinkpad X1 Extreme Screen Glitch

Every once in a while (seemingly random) my screen will glitch out completely. I have no control over the cursor or keyboard and i have to turn off the computer to fix the issue temporarily. The laptop is about a week old and i have tried updating the graphics drivers but the glitch still occurs. 

I will attach some photos of the screen.


Any help is appreciated.







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