P52 – Sleep issue

My P52 has a sleep/hibernation issue.


The machine will go to sleep after fx. 20 mins. as defined in power settings – I will wake it up and then work normally for 2-3 mins., before it it will go to sleep mode again. It will keep going into sleep mode for very short intervals afterwards.


Resetting power settings to defaults doesn’t help.


I have a P52 running windows 10 v. 1903 and with ALL drivers updated to the latest with Vantage. (critial, optional etc.)


Anyone seen anything similar like this before and has a possible fix ?

Memory upgrade for Lenovo IdeaPad C340-14IWL possible?



Is it possible to upgrade the ram / memory of Lenovo IdeaPad C340-14IWL?


If yes, what is the maximum?


Here are my technical specs:


BoMC: bomc process error

BoMC ver 11.6.0 running with admin privileges, from a short path directory on a system with 45GB free space and Windows 10 ver 1903, but fails to complete with error bomc process error. Any suggestions?

How do I set Ctrl+F3 to change fonts to ALL CAP (in Microsoft Word)?

On my other laptops, if I clicked Ctrl+F3, it’d change my fonts to all cap (in ms word) or Ctrl+f7 would show me sysnonims of a word…


How do I get that function back?


thank you

Lenovo/Digital River (UK) cancellation refund policy misleading ???

Misleading Return Policy. No refund initiated within 7 of the product arriving at their warehouse.


04/10 Placed order for ThinkPad P43s – i7-8565U. Ship time is set at seven days. Laptop Delivered by UPS, Screen not as bright as stated, Windows Hello log in (fingerpring and IR camera) worked 6/10 times, battery lasts maximum 6 hours with battery saver on. DECIDED TO RETURN THE LAPTOP WITHIN 5 DAYS.

25/10 Laptop collected by TNT for return (GE511985335GB)

08/10 Shipment delivered in good condition back to Lenovos’ warehouse in Oostrum, NL

06/11 I call Lenovo/Digital River. They say they will open a ticket to their relevant department to verify the returned item under the return tracking number 4221959207 to assist them process the refund on your order and I should receive a response within 24 hours (Talked with Michael M.)

Between the 7th and 8th I call Lenovo/Digital River a number of times. They tell me to wait.

08/11 I call Lenovo/Digital River. They say they will  AGAIN open a ticket to let the responsible team know the laptop is in the warehouse, attempt to process the refund, and I should receive a response within 24 hours. I have never received any confirmation that the laptop is in their warehouse. Also I was told that I may receive a compensation for withholding my refunds as in their policy its stated that a refund WILL BE INITIATED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE PRODUCT ARRIVING AT THEIR WAREHOUSE (http://checkout.lenovo.com/store?Action=DisplayReturnAndCancellationsPage&Env=BASE&Locale=gb_EN&Site…) (Talked with Tricia L.)

11/11 Still no refund or communication.

11/11 I have contacted my bank in order to dispute the charge (£1,375.55), but honestly this is ridiculous. Lenovo has had the laptop back in their warehouse for 14 days without sending me any further details.



Order Number:  10781893239

Return Number Reference: 4221959207



PLEASE help me sort out the refund for the order cancelation and receive a compensation on the top of that.


Thank you!

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