Lenovo Yoga 920 does not meet Microsoft's standard hardware security requirements

The first UEFI rootkit has been spotted in the wild, called LoJax (**bleep**ized/trojanized version of Absolute Software’s LoJack) and it’s apparently very nasty if it compromises your computer – the malware can survive Windows reinstallation, and replacement of the motherboard is the only way to make sure it’s gone.  Read more from security vendor ESET here: 




So, this alarming news lead me to look at my protection against LoJax.  In Windows/Defender Device Security Center, I see that my Yoga does not meet standard hardware security requirements set by Microsoft.  I’m curious if other Lenovo devices (thinkpads, etc) show the same result under the Defender Device Security Center.  There are four requirements (well, actually six) to meet standard according to MS:

Your device meets the requirements for standard hardware security

This means your device supports memory integrity and core isolation and also has:

TPM 2.0 (also referred to as your security processor)Secure boot enabledDEPUEFI MAT


Without me configuring anything manually, my device had Secure Boot enabled and it has a TPM 2.0 chip also enabled by default.  My question and reason for the post –  which of the other two security hardware requirements (DEP or UEFI MAT) does this computer not meet?  There’s no indication in Windows Defender Device Security Center. 


Posting to a MS forum about these questions, a tech referred to more documentation for OEM’s regarding security requirements and said ‘it’s the responsibility of the OEM manufacturer to make sure they’re meeting these minimum requirements’.  




Lenovo – the question remains.  How do I make my Yoga 920 ‘highly secure’, per Microsoft’s recommendations?

As of today, I have no way to know for certain if my device is vulnerable to LoJax and even if the hacker groups responsible for LoJax FancyBear/Strontium etc. aren’t targeting me specifically I would think this is a major concern for anyone running Lenovo devices for personal or business use.

Warranty Status with Alerts in XClarity Administrator


Xclarity shows start and end date of device’s Warranty.


I Would like to know if is possible to include alert when it is near of end of warranty.



Ayuda!! No me funciona las teclas especiales Fn + F1 a F8 ThinkPad E450 (NO SALEN LOS ICONOS)

Hola, Mi equipo es un ThinkPad E450 S.O. Windows 7, el problema que presento es que a la hora de precesionar las teclas especiales por ejemplo las de volumen y brillo funcionan pero no muestras la imagen que indica que se le esta aumentando o disminuyendo; las teclas espciales de activacion del Wifi o cambiar el modo de proyeccion no funcionan y a su vez tampoco muestras la imagen. 


Gracias por su colaboracion. 


Admin / Google Translate

Hi, My computer is a ThinkPad E450 S.O. Windows 7, the problem that I present is that when precessing the special keys for example the volume and brightness work but do not show the image that indicates that it is increasing or decreasing; The special activation keys of the Wifi or change the projection mode do not work and in turn do not show the image.

Thank you for your cooperation

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Lenovo t480s (20L7) black screen after lock/hibernate

Hi forums,


I am an IT professional supporting a business laptop refresh from older Dells to Lenovo t480s (20L7) laptops. For Bitlocker best practices and per our InfoSec team’s directives we set our computers to hibernate whenever they would otherwise sleep. 


We have noticed that several freshly imaged computers, with all Lenovo System Update drivers installed, and with the SCCM driver package from the Lenovo site installed, will show a black screen after resuming from hibernate. The laptop backlight and Function key lights are on, the power button is lit up, and the fan does spin, but the screen is black, no backlight, and the laptop is totally unresponsive until a hard reboot (hold the power button). Interestingly, the system cannot be pinged or remoted into while in this state, and opening/closing the lid has no effect. 


Has anyone seen anything similar to this, or know what might be the cause? 


Thank you in advance.

QR enrollment fails on TAB4 10

I am trying to enroll TAB4 10 devices into Mobile Device Management using the QR code method.

For that I tap 6 times on the first screen, it advances, reads the QR code, asks a few questions then the process seem to stop.

Policies are not downloaded hence Kiosk mode is not activated.

Other types of Android devices enroll using this method without any issues.


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